Kuta to Gili T 

We used Bintang Tours to book our tickets for the Gili Islands. It’s the agency next to Pesona Beach Resort where we stayed in Kuta.

The guy told us the journey to the Gilis by boat takes an hour and it leaves at 12.30pm. All this information is completely wrong. It doesn’t. They should really sort out their communication and information before selling tickets for this, as the only thing he told me that was right was the price..
The boat company called ‘Semaya’, had a boat at 1pm from Padangbang. We were taken to Gili Air first (past Gili T), so our actual journey was 2.5 hours, meaning we missed most of the day on the island. 

The ride was smooth and we were given free water. Although the route doesn’t make any sense I think it was the tour company that got all the information wrong not Semaya, so I can’t complain about them. 


A Night in Manchester

SO we headed up on a morning Virgin Train to Manchester on Saturday, to stay the night for triple birthday celebrations for 3 of my favourite girls.

We had lots of fun and stayed in the lovely Renaissance hotel. There was 8 of us girls so we booked two ‘double deluxe rooms’ for £50 each. When we arrived, to our excitement, we were told we have us adjoining rooms! We absolutely loved this as it meant we could still get ready and have a pre party altogether before we headed out on the town.

 The rooms were spacious and clean, my only negative would be that the lighting was very poor, which meant only in the bathroom could we all contour properly (oh women’s struggles eh?)

We started out at The Milton Club

We’ve heard lots of good things about here. The music was really good but a vodka and soda will set you back £10 so don’t expect cheap drinks! We stayed here until around midnight but it didn’t get very busy. I definitely wouldn’t call it a ‘club’, more of a ‘pre bar’ drinking spot.

We ended at Bijou

Absolutely loved this place! The music was spot on with a mix of everything! 

Great crowd and lots of space to dance so it gets a big thumbs up from me. I’d definitely go back to Bijoux if I headed to Manchester again. We didn’t get in until 5am so I think its fair to say we made the most of the night…




Another Holiday?!

So thanks to my first months success in working for JuicePlus, I have managed to book a lovely holiday away with my mum and dad… For 9 days time!

I’m not quite bikini ready yet as this was very unexpected, but I am in need of some sun! Yes it’s ily been 4 weeks since I returned from travelling but I’ve already lost my tan.

We have booked to stay all inclusive at the Colina Mar in Gran Canaria, doesn’t it look lovely?





I’ve been Gran Canaria once many years ago and don’t remember much, so I’m excited to return. 

I can’t wait and I’ll be sure to write a review on my return 😊

Snorkelling in Malapascua

We met a lovely tour guide called Yugi on the boat over from Maya to Malapascua. He gave us lots of useful information about the island and suggested an afternoon of exploring under water.


Myself, Liam and our two new German friends Max and Rebecca hired a private boat for the afternoon. We paid just 750 PHP per couple for a whole afternoon of snorkelling from 3-6pm. That works out under £6 each and our masks and snorkel hire was included!
We explored 3 different snorkelling spots and took a boat tour around the whole island.

SUNP0567First spot, South East of Bounty Beach.

The water here was perfectly clear. You could actually see the sand at the bottom while sitting on the boat. As we swam around the area we see lots of lovely colourful fish and some great coral formations.


The second spot was around Daquitdaquit Island. 

A small island of sharp rock that towered out of the water.


Due to the waves crashing against it, the water wasn’t as clear as Bounty Beach. We did however see a Dori fish (the blue one in finding nemo that I don’t know the name of) and a couple of sea urchins that we swiftly avoided.
The third spot was my favourite: The WWII Japanese Shipwreck
This was so cool to see! Buried only about 5 metres beneath us was the remains of a Japanese WWII ship. Because of the low tide you can see this by just snorkelling.

Unfortunately the water was murky as it had rained the day before so it was a bit hard to see (especially in my pictures). That didn’t stop us though! Liam and I held our breath and swam down a few times to get a closer look. Lots of big fish emerged from under the ship, they’d obviously found a home under there.

SUNP0518SUNP0505.JPGAfter our final underwater adventure, we climbed back on the boat and set sail around the whole island. Some of the views were beautiful. We see a Lighthouse and what appears to be the ruins of a church


We stopped at the West of the island to watch the sunset over the hills. The water was so clear that as we rode through shallower waters we could see starfish on the corals.
It was such a lovely afternoon and a great way to see the really beauty of Malapascua.

SUNP0571I would recommend this trip to anyone, especially for less than £6 each.
If you need help with any tours or have questions, feel free to call Yugi on 00 69359969716. He helped us with tours, diving and accommodation! Just tell him Lauren and Liam from London gave you his number.


Which type of traveller are you?

After having been and seen all of these types of tourists I’ve decided to put together a post on how I categorise my style of living while travelling based on budgets, luxuries and what we do.

Through my 4 months travelling South East Asia, i’d have to say Liam and I were Glam Packers

-Staying in dormitories

-Most meals are street food

-Pre-drinking before nights out, then beers at the bars

-Drinking every night because beer is cheaper than water

-Cheapest forms of travel (long and uncomfortable journeys)

-Walk everywhere

-Research different places you can go and get to them by yourself as its cheaper than tours
Glam packer

-Staying in private rooms or guesthouses

– Most meals are in relatively cheap restaurants. You still choose the countries cuisine because they’re the lowest prices (and you still look at the menu for prices before you enter)

– Drinking in places with happy hours and BOGOF deals, ordering vodka on the odd occasion. Not drinking every night

– Cheapest forms of travel with the odd upgrade here and there if its only  few extra pound

-Create you tours by yourself using research, but taking 1 or 2 company tours if they’re really cool

-Walk most of the time, with the odd tuk tuk here and there, but barter of course

Holiday maker

-Staying in hotels

-Meals in restaurants, eating what you want

-Drink to get drunk on any drink you choose. Maybe even a bottle? It’s only 30 quid.

-Taxis and tours all the way – who exercises on holiday?

The long journey survival guide

We’ve officially done them all: Cramped up overnight buses, minimalistic sleeper trains, minivans, long coaches, jeepneys, trucks and taxis to name a few. So I’m here to share my 5 much needed gadgets and gizmos to help you survive your long travel trips.

  1. A very large media storage device. e.g iPod or iPhone.  

The more storage the better.

(I purchased a 32gb iPod before I came away and I have a 32gb iPhone)

Thank god for technology. I dread to think what people did before this?! Ok they probably read books, but how many of those can you actually fit in your restricted luggage?

– You can read.. iBooks: this app has hundreds of books completely free! Just choose a genre/author you like, or go wild and experiment with random titles, with iBooks taking up barely any space you have the freedom to download many different books to entertain yourselves 

– you can watch., YouTube offline movies: did you know you can now download movies from YouTube to watch offline?! 

hit the little arrow button on the app to download and save some films for the journey. Granted most of the movies are old but who’s to be picky? 

– You can listen to.. music: my personal life saver. For some reason on every travel bus in Aisia the driver feels the need to blare loud radio music all through the night. Not cool. My ‘sleep’ playlist helps to maintain my sanity and sends me snoozing on the over nighters 

NOTE: please don’t forget to download all this stuff BEFORE you travel, as they all require an Internet connection. 

With great power comes great..need to refuel.

  2. Rechargeable power bank

Yes we love technology but don’t you hate that it’s so unreliable? One film down and your on 18% battery but you still have 8 hours to go?! 

Grab yourself a power bank to ensure your gadgets don’t die on you. Get one that ensures at least 2-3 charges and make sure to plug it in the night before. Anker is a really good make and can be bought on Amazon. This will be the best investment you ever makes! 

3. Extra items of clothing

It may be 30 degrees outside but it’s cold up in here! 


Never underestimate the power of air con and its ability to freeze every inch of your body. Keep a jumper handy for an extra layer of warmth. If you don’t end up needing it that’s fine, you could always double it up as a pillow instead!

  Travel socks

Remember what I said about the air con? Cold feet is just upsetting. If your feet are cold your whole body will be. Mosquitos love to bite feet too as they’re right next to the bone, so I suggest you keep those wigglies covered up. Also, to be frank, nobody wants to see your big toes dangling in front of them do they? 

Grab a pair to wear that go right up to your ankles for extra warmth and protection (of people’s eyes).

  Eye mask

You’ve probably read in many of my posts that bright lights are flickered on and off frequently for different reasons during travel. If your sleep is light sensitive, like mine, I assure you this will may be your cheapest and most worthy purchase.

5. Travel sickness tablets

Here’s something I’ve never needed before, but if you’ve ever experienced the roads of Asia you’ll know it’s a whole different ball game.

We got 3 packets of these from a Thai pharmacy and they’re well worth the few pounds. 

Pot holes, uneven roads, sharp bends and crazy drivers are all enough to make your stomach do somersaults.

Do yourself a favour and pop one of these before every journey. After all, most forms of transport don’t have built in toilets or openable windows so where is there to be sick??

Thank you for reading.

We are now prepared for take off. 

Please fasten your seat belts.

Sit back, relax and survive the ride. 

LwL X 

Favourite Ho Chi Minh drinking hubs

We went to a fair few bars in Ho Chi Minh but here are my 3 favourites! 

The view hotel bar A very cool 8th floor bar on the main strip with surprisingly inexpensive beer.

  333 beer at 20,000 dong? That’s traveller prices in a roof top bar which was highly unexpected. Or why not have a giant Tiger for a mere 50p extra. 

This place has a super relaxed atmosphere, pretty lights, lovely scenery and an OK view of the city. I’m sure you can find better views in sky bar or other rooftops but this is well worth a drink. 

Guess what, it even had a swing!

Donkey bar

  Although the prices here aren’t very traveller friendly (unless you buy 3 drinks for the price of 2 or again.. drink beer), it’s well worth a stop. The bar is situated over 3 floors and include foozeball, darts and pool tables making it a super fun place to hang out.   

Both of these bars are located on the very long ‘Bui Vien Street’ which is a strip of bars, hotels and restaurants 


 One for those with sports obsessed boyfriends.

This is a sports bar with the added luxury of a really good singer who performs there every other night, keeping us girls occupied while the boys shout at the tv. 

This ones around the other side.

What’s your favourite bar in Saigon – or which one of these looks like one you’d most enjoy?

LwL X 

Hey Kuta, what’s with all the dead fish?

Kuta, Bali.

So on our first day in Bali, after the tropical downpour eased off, we headed to Kuta beach just down the road from our hotel. 

To be truthful I was less than impressed. The trouble with travelling to many places with beautiful beaches is; your standards are heightened for what qualifies as a ‘great beach’ and your expectations are higher.

Kuta in my opinion, just ain’t gonna cut it. 

The sand is quite nice; when you get a clear bit that isn’t filled with litter, plastic bottles or weird stuff you’d rather not step on. 

The water is murky. Though that’s probably because the tide is strong. Because of the waves it’s a popular place to surf. 

There is just something very mysterious going on at Kuta Beach..

On our walk across the beach we came across at least 25 dead fish on the shore.

Does anyone know why this is or the cause behind this? Is it simply that the tide brings them in and forgets to take them back out or is there something in the water poisoning all the fish? 

I am baffled.

I’m also very nosey and inquisitive so I’d really like to know. What’s with all the dead fish? 

On the plus side Kuta has some lovely restaurants. Our favourites were the Bamboo Garden Cafe, which is really cheap and serves gigantic portions.

And Kumatex which has a great lunch deal! A meal, an ice tea and an ice cream after for just 49000 rupiah (that’s £2.60!)



Guide to the Gilis

Gili Islands = paradise. They are my favourite place of my whole travelling experience, and a great place to end the phenomenal journey I’ve been on.

Gili T: the ‘party’ place 

Known for its strip of bars and lovely restaurants, Gili T is lively, fun and there’s always something going on.

There’s lots of activities to keep everyone occupied for days, with the added beauty of a scenic beach.

New rudys has great music

Jiggy jigs is the place to go if your looking for a proper club venue

or head to Sama Sama bar if you have a love for reggae and enjoy watching live bands

To eat

Eoiste by the beach has a lovely and affordable lunch

Grab an amazing juice or smoothie at Trawangan Dive Resort as you bask in the sun with this stunning view..

The Terminal serves a mean burger and plays all sorts of sports (we watch the McGregor vs Diaz UFC fight here).

To stay

Alfia bungalows is right off the beach and a 2 minute walk from the pier.

For just 200k you have a lovely room complete with tv and video. Wifi, a nice breakfast And really lovely staff.


On this island you can do yoga, learn to surf and wakeboard, dive, snorkel and even moonwalk underwater!

 To get to Gili Meno we jumped on a private boat that our new Irish friends we met at the UFC fight had prebooked. Liam and I paid 50k each to go one way

Gili meno: The Tranquil place 

Gili meno is relaxation bliss. It’s very quiet and there is no nightlife, just some restaurants.

It’s a very peaceful island where you go to completely unwind. If you go out at night, be sure to bring your phone as a torch, most of the pathways are unlit.

We spent our evening here at Karma restaurant.

It’s absolutely beautiful with a romantics ambience and it’s featured in the top Gili Magazines.

 Needless to say it’s was very expensive ‘backpacker’ wise but we decided to treat ourselves.

Be careful in Gili Meno as the ‘nice’ restaurants here add 21% tax to your bill!
We stayed in Putri homestay. Cheap and clean and a 5 minute walk from the beach and restaurants. There were no windows in the bathroom so mozzies could get in but this was somethin we we’re very used to by now.

We was however, provided with a mozzie repellent plug and a safety deposit box.

 A very nice breakfast was included too so it’s well worth the money!

Gili air: The great balance of both

Agh Aza zil bungalows, probably one of my accommodation highlights of our whole trip!

 I could not recommend this place highly enough and still cannot believe it was only £10 per night!

Chill out restaurant: a lovely and fair priced dinner by the beach: lots of variety

 The beach club; Bel Air and Raja bar are all places that turn into an outdoor cinema every night at 8pm

On Gili T and Gili Air you can book onto a Turtle spotting snorkelling trip around all 3 islands You can read bout us swimming with turtles here

I hope you found this post useful! If you need any help planning your trip to the Gilis, feel free to ask.


Liebster Award!

Thank you to Niki , Elle and Nerissa for nominating me for the Liebster Award!

It was a great birthday present and I had a lot of fun with this :)

10 Questions for you to answer-

5 writing/blog related questions

1. What did you write before you started blogging? (Journal, short stories, nothing…)

I wrote, and still currently write for an Online magazine called LoveThatMag

2. Who did you first share your blog with?

I started my blog originally to post about my travels so that my friends and family could read. Now I have expanded on my categories because i’m addicted to blogging!

3. Who do you hope reads your blog most or who do you hope doesn’t?

I want anyone who can learn from me, or that need my advice on anything whether it be for health, travels, food or how to clear your spots to read my blog

I don’t online trolls to read my blog ha.

4.How long do you typically spend creating a post from start to publish?

I’m a big fan of drafting and coming back to finish. Most of my posts are noted on my phone at the time in which they happen (travel wise) or when creativity strikes.

A lot of the time I have so many ideas that I have to pace myself and remember to post one at a time instead of 10 in one day haha.

  1. Do you secretly hope for a post to go viral? Why or why not?

Theres no secret about it really. I would love to go viral and I would love to have 1000’s of readers caring about what I post. Its always nice to feel like people are actually listening right?

Though as Spiderman so cleverly put it, with great power comes great responsibility.

5 random questions-

  1. What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

Spend more time doing things that make you happy and less time on things or people that will be irrelevant to you in a few years

2. What smell takes you straight back to your childhood?

The smell of candyfloss! It takes me back to the amusement parks at the Isle of Sheppey where I used to have a chalet.

3. If you had to move today, no questions asked to another country, which would it be and why?

Australia. Because I love London but the only thing missing is the weather.

4. If you could live in any time period (other than the present) what would it be and why?

The 70’s, because I like frilly socks and I want to be a Pink Lady.

5.If a movie were to be made about your life, what would it be called and who would play you in the movie?

Wandering Nuggs. I would play myself of course (shot at fame right there).



Liebster award

Here are my 10 nominees. I understand not everyone is into the awards, no pressure. If you are so inclined, please see the rules of engagement below the nominee section. Drum roll please… Listed in no particular order as they are all great in their own way, I invite you to check out the following blogs-

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9. Blender & Basil blog all about my two favourite cuisines: Italian and Chinese!

10. Ellis goes on holiday Such a great all round blogger with a love for many things, much like myself!

Rules of Engagement should my nominees choose to participate-

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Liebster Award Rules:

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10 Questions for you to answer-

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Now lets get creative..

Which 3 famous people would you want around your dinner table and why? (they can be dead or alive)

If you had to choose your last supper, what would it be?

Do you believe in mermaids?

Which film have you watched which most resembles your life?

Why do rainbows end?

Thank you again to all three of you lovely ladies for thinking of me for this award, I’m honoured!