The lowdown on a Bohol day tour 

We only had a day/night in Bohol and we had lots we wanted to see so a tour seemed like the best option for us.
Most tour shops close at 6pm so if you get to Tagbilaran late, you are limited with choice. Head to the Sealine travel shop in the shopping mall, East of rival park and they are open later. The travel shop is on the first floor, next to the big sports shop.

(You can also book your boat tickets to Cebu city next door like we did for the following day; kill two birds with one stone – winning!)

In the travel shop you can book on organised tours ranging from 1000-1500php per person.  This includes additional places like the Butterfly park, man made forests and zip lining. They also provide lunch for you.

The price of your tour is dependant on the number of passengers (the more of you there is the cheaper it gets).
In the end, we opted for hiring a private car for the day as it worked out cheaper, and we had the freedom to choose the places we wanted to go. Our driver also dropped us back to get our bags at the end of the day and straight to the pier to get the ferry back to Cebu, all for just 1500 PHP!
On our tour we visited the Tarsier Sanctuary and the Loboc river.

We also headed to the Loboc floating restaurant as recommended by our driver. We were actually unaware that this was a package lunch and river cruise. Unfortunately we ate just before we headed off so we weren’t hungry enough to take advantage of this.

It did however, look like the cruise wouldve been a lovely experience and it only costs 250 PHP per person for lunch. Please let me know how what it’s like if you go and experience this!

In the afternoon we headed to the Chocolate Hills which is furthest out. (All posts on these to come!)


Manila Tours 

Manilla Tours: Lake Taal, Rice terraces, Mount Pinatubo
We unfortunately missed all these tours north of Manila because of lack of organisation. The day tour to these places are ridiculously expensive, around £80-100 per person which is way beyond our backpacker budget.
I found reviews about a company called TRIPinas Travel and Tour Ventures online that are more backpacker friendly, but unfortunately when I emailed them they said they need 48 hours notice and we only had one day left in Manila. 

After researching online further, I’ve found out that there are DIY bus routes that you can get to these places and it works out much cheaper.

You can haggle with drivers/boat guys to decrease your expenses too. 
Click on the pictures below to be directed to posts that explain how to get to the places..

Lake Taal and all the info you need on itinerary and expenses:  


Pinatubo is explained very simply by a reviewer: 

For info on the Rice Terraces: 


LwL X 

Disappoinment in Donsol

Donsol, Philippines.

Donsol left us disappointed i’m afraid. There were no whale sharks to be seen on the day we embarked on our 3 hour sight seeing journey. Or for the few days before that for that matter. 

They had been spotted previously at Manta Bowl so you’re more likely to see them if you dive. Manta bowl has White Tip Sharks AND whale sharks?? Mayne they were having a shark party. 

The trouble with wild animals are, well, they’re wild, so there is never any guarantee that you’ll see them. It’s such a shame as the only reason we headed to Donsol was for the Whale Sharks. It’s became a tourist hotspot in the last few years because of this but is yet to develop in terms of entertainment. There is literally nothing else to do there other than the sightseeing tour.  


There are just 3 resorts to stay by the beach, we stayed in Danclunan (or something like that). Next to the Sightseeing office. Our restaurant stopped serving at 8.30pm and it seems that the whole place is lights out by 9pm. There is no night life, apart from a disco they hold on a Saturday. 

If your looking to chill in a hammock and do absolutely nothing then Donsol is the perfect place for you. 

And the beach has a lovely sunset!


We had a pleasurable 2 nights there, very relaxed, but I don’t think we could’ve stayed much longer. We recharged our batteries and made use of our portable DVD player. Was the hideous overnight bus drive worth it? I’m yet to decide. I just wish we stopped for a day in Legazpi city to tour the Volcano via ATV! (something I’ve just found out you can do from our new German friends who have experienced this). I have serious FOMO. Make sure you stop by Legazpi for a day if you’re heading to Donsol to check it out. 

I’m very behind with my posts, having too much fun! Ha. The good news is today we swam with Whale Sharks in Cebu so expect a post in this soon 

LwL X 

Koh Phi Phi: So many activities! 

On our second day in Koh Phi Phi we booked onto a sunset tour that started at 2pm to see the best of what’s around the island. So many activities! 

Our package included Monkey Island, cliff jumping, Maya Bay,  (where The Beach was filmed), lunch and free water, Snorkelling, Viking Cave, watchig the sunset on the boat, then hit a cave to see glowing plankton before getting back for 7.30pm.

I would 100% recommend this tour, you can get normal sunset tours for 350 or so baht but they don’t do cliff jumping or the plankton. We paid 500 baht our package. (About £10).

I’m going to show you our day in pictures 😊 

Monkey Island   
A baby monkey! Too cute..  
We met 2 lovely Ozzie girls too, April and Amelia. This monkey really wanted Aprils sunglasses..

   Monkey selfie..


Cliff jumping   

It went up to 15mtrs but I only jumped at 3 was too scared haha. All the boys went off the top though! 

Viking Caves

Apparently Chinese lease this protected area at 2 million baht per year! They make special soup out of bird nests that people pay lots of money for.



Maya Bay (The Beach)

After lunch we headed to the island where the famous Leonardo DiCaprio movie was filmed. Now just to warn you, to swim in this area of water and step foot on the island, you have to pay 400 baht.  

 The agencies don’t take it the Government do and it’s compulsory. If you don’t pay this you have to stay on the boat. Of course we paid and went on the island  



How amazing is this natural formation of this mountain.. Can you see the Elephant?

Sunset in the water 


After dark we went to a cave to see the glowing plankton. Unfortunately I couldn’t take any pictures as the flash ruins the glow.

Unfortunately, sunset on the boat in open water resulted in lots of pain for me.. The mozzies annialated me, so if you ever do a sunset tour, trust me DEET up!


I have at least 30, itchy times! I have now bought tiger balm and incense to keep them at bay and I’ve turns into a mozzie paranoid maniac. 

LwL x