3 things I learnt last week..

1. My childhood was a lie
 After watching Wicked the Musical last week (finally after desperately wanting to for about 4 years) I realised that The Wizard of Oz is a horrible misconception of life and evil and the Wicked witch in the film was never actually Wicked at all.

Coming to terms with the fact that my whole childhood has been based on a lie has been hard **tears stream down face** . On the plus side I was in a really good seat and got to see everything up close.

The actual story itself is very creative and clever. The main performances by Emma Hatton and Savannah Stevenson were amazing. Their singing is another level of impressive!

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Alices Adventures Underground

Ever wondered how you’d cope if you were pushed down the rabbit hole like Alice?

150 years after Lewis Carroll created the wonderful weirdness that is Alice in Wonderland, Les Enfants Terribles have created their very own life size experience; ‘Alices Adventures Underground’, and everyone’s invited.

Alices Advertures Underground

The Vaults, underneath London Waterloo station, has been theatrically transformed for the summer, encouraging all to join the underground movement to rise against the fearsome Queen of Hearts.

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