Sunday Facials

Hey guys,

Who else L O V E S a face mask and a bath on a Sunday ? 🙊🙌🏻

Masks are a great way to keep skin clear and healthy.

This ones exclusively for my Juiceplus ladies and gents as this facial is made from our Premium Capsules!
Our premiums are a mixture of 27 different fruit, vegetables and berries dried and compacted into a capsule for lots of natural goodness 💛

All you need to do is add Greek Yoghurt.
So all you do is; 
-Open up one of each premium capsules and put them into a bowl 

-Pour in half of a quarter of your pot of Greek yog into the Same bowl 


-Then apply and leave it on for 30 minutes 

-Add some cucumbers to your eyes 


L A Z Y S U N D A Y S 💤💤💤💤💤
LwL x 


A Spa weekend at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel

Happy Monday to all!

I’m feeling refreshed after a lovely weekend at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel, one of the QHotel chains that have 24 different hotels across the UK.

The hotel is located a few miles from Chatham and Rochester train stations (which was perfect as I dont drive) and is also easily accessible by car. Its rated a very well deserved 4 star, although personally I would rate it 5. Continue reading “A Spa weekend at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel”