Basic Vietnamese Lingo

Hi Guys Just thought I’d share a few Vietnamese words/phrases to help you get around. Most of Vietnam can speak basic English but it’s nice and respectful to learn some of the lingo.

If you’re heading to Phong Nha you’ll definitely need to know some of this. It’s a new tourist area so no one speaks English there. Well, apart from Western ran hostels (I think there is 2) and some tour guides. 

We learnt this when heading to a pharmacy to try and explain that we needed painkillers for Liam’s ribs. An entertaining challenge in itself, especially when trying to ask how and when his tablets should be taken. This for me involved multiple trips to and from the pharmacy and a cafe to use their wifi and get on Google Translate.

I’ve added a dummie pronunciation guide next to each translation in case, like myself, you have a Michael Caine, incapable of putting on any sort of accent sort of voice; or if you are just incapable of interpreting dialect correctly. 

Hope it helps! 

Hello – chào bạn (chow ban)

Please – làm ơn (la moon) 

Thank you -cảm ơn bạn (Camoon ban)

How much? – bao nhiêu (bal nyo)

Do you have? làm bạn có (lam ban cor) 

where is? Say the place, then o dau? (O dow) – thank you for this Thuy Luna! 

Tomato sauce – nước sốt cà chua (nyok sot cah dua) 

Pharmacy -tiệm thuốc tây (tyook Tay) 

Sore stomach -đau dạ dày (Jowl ja jay) 

Painkillers – thuốc giảm đau (tyook jam dal) 

I figured there’s no point adding numbers and yes or no as we all have fingers and a head to shake or nod.

I’ve left this just the right size so that you can print screen to use offline. 

Please let me know if you think I should add any other useful words and phrases. 

LwL x