Scubadiving in Koh Tao

After 4 days of dives, mask clears, emergency ascents, decompression tables , homework and the risk of being attacked by triggerfish; myself and Liam are finally Open Water qualified!

Minus New Year’s Day off, its been pretty intense. 

On our first full day we crammed in 6 hours of scuba diving skills in a swimming pool, with an intense afternoon session of theory ending with an exam.

en route to the Pier

On the 2nd and 3rd January we completed two amazing yet exhausting dives each day. Our final day was a 6am start. I cannot even remember the last time I got up that early. Ever. In my life. On the plus side we got to see the sunrise over the mountains. 


It was well worth it to see the beauty of the underwater world. Unfortunately you are not allowed underwater cameras while you train which makes sense as learning is your priority, so most of our pictures are preparing on  the boat. 




Scuba Selfie

We were also given dive logs to record all of our info and all of the fish that we see.
If you are ever planning on diving in Koh Tao I would highly recommend Roctopus. It was a smooth course from start to finish. Our instructor Matt had years of experience which made me feel safe. He had so much patience! (I don’t think I could ever be a teacher). Our group also had a Dive Master Trainer on hand called Max, and upbeat, funny character from the Netherlands who was there to help us too. 

Liam & Max

The whole team are cool, fun, a good laugh and great people to develop and learn with. 

We are now qualified up to 18 metres and would definitely recommend an Open Water course to anyone! 

I can’t wait to dive in Koh Rong, Bali and wherever else we can on this travelling trip! 

LwL x 

Kayaking in Krabi

On Saturday in Krabi we headed to Ao Tha Lane for an afternoon of Kayaking.. Little did I know at the time that I am the absolute don at it. Yes, Kayaking Champion 2015 over here. I think this maybe my new favourite water sport (only because I’m good at it).

Jack and I lead from the front every step of the way and mastered some key skills early on. 

  Teamwork makes the dream work! 


We headed around the canyon, played some games involving manoeuvring around and ducking under trees and dodges in and out of islands and rocks


  We even see some monkeys along the way!



Such characters, they jumped on our boat to join in on the fun. Just to warn you, keep your stuff hidden, they like to steal things,  and never touch a monkey, they can be aggressive. 


 Great day all in all, the exercise knackered me out though and I was in bed by midnight. 

What’s your favourite water sport? 

LwL aka Cinderella X 

Good morning Koh Phi Phi

It was another  7am start for us I’m afraid. But it was ok because this guy was taking me to Koh Phi Phi, the place i’d been most looking forward to. A short bus ride and a 1 hour and 45 minute boat ride later..

    .. we touched down on the Phi Phi Pier

 Hello Heaven..


 We’ve had an amazing few days here. So much so that we stayed an extra night, so 3 nights in total. I’ll be posting about my time here over the next day or two as we’re in Koh Lanta now and the wifi is great.yayy. 

On our first day in Phi Phi, we came across a pool party on the way down the beach at the Princess and Charlie resort. It had an infinity pool and some great old tunes playing. Apparently they have pool parties there every Friday. With special guest djs between 1-8pm. I’d recommend it if your ever in Phi Phi on a Friday.

The tide had gone right out by the afternoon and left little pools of water with lots of fish and crabs. 


We then had a lovely meal on the beach in a place called Beacha Restaurant. 

 The food and setting was amazing! 

I even had a pancake dessert, it was more like a cake!    
 The only downside to the day is that i didn’t shut my waterproof camera properly after charging. All water has now got into the non-water compartment. Let’s hope my memory card works at least! I put them all in a packet of rice for the night but the camera is refusing to work. RIP camera. Now you can see why I overpack, lucky I bought 2 cameras with me aye! 
I arrived in Koh Lanta today and we have great wifi so I can post all about Phi Phi over the next couple of days 😊


A Fishing & Snorkelling trip to Racha Yai Island 

Today we went on a great day fishing trip from Phuket to Racha Yai Island and snorkelling in it’s lovely beach, Siam Bay. 

A minibus picked us up at 8am and we headed for the pier.. 

It was a lovely ride out to Racha Yai Island and some lovely scenery along the way.



 In the morning on the boat we did trolling (dragging fishing lines on the back of the boat).We caught lots of big tuna that we all ate for our lunch   

Check the face on this..   

  My family would be so proud, it only took me 23 years  to eat Tuna – I had to didn’t i, after catching it myself and all that.

All the boys caught their lunch too..

Just before lunch we went for a great snorkelling session at Siam Bay



We see lots of lovely colourful fish, and also a jellyfish that we swam away from because we got scared ha.We see it again later while on the boat..

   After lunch we spent the afternoon bottom fishing, and I had a little nap as the sun took it out of me! 



 It was a lovely day overall and now we’re spending our last night in Phuket chilling outside with some music at our guest house ‘Sweet Home’ early night for us as our bus picks us up for Koh Phi Phi tomorrow at 7am. I am so excited as Phi Phi is what ive been waiting for 😊

Any recommendations on what to do on this island? 

LwL x 

Patong in Phuket – Thailand

So we’re spending 4 nights and 4 1/2 days at Patong Beach, Phuket. 

It’s quite a main tourist town so everything is much more expensive here. By much more expensive I mean 3-4 pound for a meal instead of £1. So technically not expensive at all to the western world, just more expensive for a traveller.

Here’s the Phuket club/bar strip, its called Soi Bangla and it’s a lively place

We watched a Ping Pong Show the first night, to be honest I think it has scarred me slightly. It was definitely an ‘experience’. I would not recommend it to anyone at all as I think it highly derogatory to women. Watching women pull needles and real live turtles out of themselves is definitely not my idea of entertainment. No photos to show I’m afraid as you weren’t allowed.. I’d never have posted or took any anyway to be fair!

The sunset here is beautiful and the beach is lovely 

 We’ve had a couple of beach days as our first week was jam packed. Keep an eye out for my recommendation posts.

We’re off on a snorkelling and fishing trip tomorrow, I hope I can catch something!

LwL x