Manila vs Cebu


This is my view and my opinion based on my own experiences. By no means do I intend to offend anyone, needless to say as a tourist you may have a completely different experience to mine.


I am sorry to say that my time in Manila was less than magical. Although the city is a main hub for the whole country and its home to an international business district; the place itself for me was undesirable.

I got an unsafe vibe from this city from the moment I set foot there, resulting in me not really wanting to leave my hotel.

It’s so hard to explain and I can’t put my finger on it.

Maybe it was the way people stared and laughed at us as we walked down the street? Now I’m no stranger to locals staring us at us questionably, I had travelled Asia for over 3 months after all. This time it just felt very different. It was more judgemental than inquisitive.

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Blog Revamp: Please help?!

Ok so I plan to revamp my blog just before I set off to travel for 4 months across South East Asia. (In 2 Mondays time – eeeek!)

I have been looking at lots of themes on WordPress but I cant decide! The biggest issue for me is that they all look great as general previews, however, when you ‘preview’ on your own blog they look kind of terrible. Am I missing something here? Bearing in mind I am not at all tech savvy: how do all of your blogs look so amazing???

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