Snorkelling in Malapascua

We met a lovely tour guide called Yugi on the boat over from Maya to Malapascua. He gave us lots of useful information about the island and suggested an afternoon of exploring under water.


Myself, Liam and our two new German friends Max and Rebecca hired a private boat for the afternoon. We paid just 750 PHP per couple for a whole afternoon of snorkelling from 3-6pm. That works out under £6 each and our masks and snorkel hire was included!
We explored 3 different snorkelling spots and took a boat tour around the whole island.

SUNP0567First spot, South East of Bounty Beach.

The water here was perfectly clear. You could actually see the sand at the bottom while sitting on the boat. As we swam around the area we see lots of lovely colourful fish and some great coral formations.


The second spot was around Daquitdaquit Island. 

A small island of sharp rock that towered out of the water.


Due to the waves crashing against it, the water wasn’t as clear as Bounty Beach. We did however see a Dori fish (the blue one in finding nemo that I don’t know the name of) and a couple of sea urchins that we swiftly avoided.
The third spot was my favourite: The WWII Japanese Shipwreck
This was so cool to see! Buried only about 5 metres beneath us was the remains of a Japanese WWII ship. Because of the low tide you can see this by just snorkelling.

Unfortunately the water was murky as it had rained the day before so it was a bit hard to see (especially in my pictures). That didn’t stop us though! Liam and I held our breath and swam down a few times to get a closer look. Lots of big fish emerged from under the ship, they’d obviously found a home under there.

SUNP0518SUNP0505.JPGAfter our final underwater adventure, we climbed back on the boat and set sail around the whole island. Some of the views were beautiful. We see a Lighthouse and what appears to be the ruins of a church


We stopped at the West of the island to watch the sunset over the hills. The water was so clear that as we rode through shallower waters we could see starfish on the corals.
It was such a lovely afternoon and a great way to see the really beauty of Malapascua.

SUNP0571I would recommend this trip to anyone, especially for less than £6 each.
If you need help with any tours or have questions, feel free to call Yugi on 00 69359969716. He helped us with tours, diving and accommodation! Just tell him Lauren and Liam from London gave you his number.