Travelling Thailand: December video

Hi guys,

I’ll be posting about our past few days in Pai tonight; great places to eat, a few photos of our trips and also about our massive change of plans due to me having food poisoning the past few days!

In the meantime I thought I’d share a video that I’ve made of my December in Thailand. 

Please take the time to click on the pic below and watch if you can, I’d appreciate any feedback as I’m going to make one each month i’m travelling. 

Places I travelled in December (in order) were:

Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Krabi/Railay, Koh Samui, Koh Panghan, Koh Tao. 

I hope you like it!

LwL x 

Don’t go chasing waterfalls..

..unless they’re the Erawan Waterfalls, they are worth chasing. 

So I expected to be taken to one waterfall, have a little swim, take a few selfies etc. 
It actually turns out that Erawan is a National Park. Consisting of about 8 waterfalls and an extremely long walk up the mountain of rocks, steps and branches to reach the waterfall at ‘level 7’. 

 Whoever told me you put on weight travelling, are you sure? I’ve hiked about 18 miles in the last 2 days ha.

Not that I’m complaining we had the most amazing day and so much fun. If you ever go here please do not miss Level 3, it’s the last waterfall we went to and we almost missed it as you have to go off trail. Absolutely stunning check this out 

And here’s some of my favourite snaps of the experience 


Hellfire Pass: Kanchanaburi 

After lunch we headed to Hellfire Pass. The museum of the railway built by Thai prisoners of war during World War || to enable Japanese soldiers to travel to Burma to fight their enemies from there.   
  The location holds a contrast of feelings. The backdrop is beautiful but the reality of the pain and suffering that people experienced is overwhelming. There is even a memorial area for Kiwis, Australians, British and American troops that were taken as prisoners.

I have to say, as we didn’t know we was spending the afternoon here we did not come prepared at all. The 2.5km walk was painful considering it was all rocks and steps and I was wearing my flip flops! Lesson learnt – always wear walking shoes. 

Our last evening at Kitti Raft was spent drinking beer, watching the sun go down and lots of drunken beer talk. The scenery was so beautiful, and it was a nice feeling to know that this is my life for the next 4 months. 

 3 days ago I hated beer, but the options here are pretty much beer or water. So sober or drunk. Considering that I hadn’t had a great nights sleep since we got here because I’ve been ill, opted for the beer in the hope id pass out in bed drunk. To be fair, the more you drink the better it tastes. I will be a beer drinking pro by the time I get home, my brother will be thrilled ha. 
It worked – slept straight through! Well until 5.30 but it’s an improvement for my 1am interruptions. 

Bed time and early start ready for the Erawan Waterfalls 

LwL x 

Riding & Rafting: a day in the river

Our second day in Kanchanburi was another packed day of activities. I haven’t even been travelling a week and we’ve done so much! The day started with a breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast and off we set to the Elephant camp. 

I have to say, riding, washing and feeding the elephants was absolutely amazing, but I wasn’t a fan of the elephant show we watched when we got there. Have you ever seen the film Water for Elephants? It reminded me of that a bit. 

These beautiful animals have tough enough skin for people on their backs but I don’t believe they should be prodded and poked into performing tricks for people as it isn’t natural.

After the show we took them down to the water where we all played together. It was lovely. They are such gentle wonderful creatures, playfully blowing trunks of water at us and lifting us up in the air. 

It was a memorable experience with my friends that I won’t forget, however, if you come to Asia I would recommend that you go to a Sanctuary over a camp as it is more ethical and the elephants roam more freely. I’ve heard there is a great one in Chang Mai, which I plan to go to in January so keep an eye out for that post. 

Bamboo Rafting

After this we were driven back to Kitti Raft to spend the early afternoon bamboo rafting.

What a great experience! The river current here is so strong that the raft moves freely down the river with no engine. The boats are made of bamboo, ropes and plastic barrels.

 They reminded me of being back in school when we used to go on field trips to places like Gorsefield and Stubbers. As part of the ‘team bonding’ exercises we would be given the same material and was instructed to build a raft. I have to say, these were built a lot better and stronger than the ones I ever attempted ha. 

We also jumped off for some fun in the water, and had life jackets so that we could float along next to the boat as we went downstream. We floated all the way to the place we stopped for lunch. 
Some Yummy Pad Thai (I’m not sick of it yet!)

LwL x 

Kanchanaburi: Tiger Temples 

The Tiger temples were really cool, although it was completely different to what I expected. I literally thought it was a temple with some tigers in (yes feel free to laugh or point me out for my ignorance). The Tiger Temple more like a zoo of lots of different wild animals to see, not just tigers (and there isn’t any temples).  
There were monkeys, Buffaloes, birds and warthogs. There are even wild deer walking round that you can feed leaves and berries to. 

I had a few pictures with the Tigers but most of them were sleeping. It was very hot and they were out in the sun all day. I don’t know how I’d cope if humans had fur, I get hot enough as it is! 

To finish the day trip we went to a small waterfall close to Kitti Raft, the floating hut we stayed in for two nights. (I’m going to post about this place as I would highly recommend). 

Here are a few pictures of us at the waterfall..

Does anyone know the name of this waterfall in Kanchanburi? (It’s not the Erawani Waterfalls as we went there the next day) 
LwL x