Kuta to Gili T 

We used Bintang Tours to book our tickets for the Gili Islands. It’s the agency next to Pesona Beach Resort where we stayed in Kuta.

The guy told us the journey to the Gilis by boat takes an hour and it leaves at 12.30pm. All this information is completely wrong. It doesn’t. They should really sort out their communication and information before selling tickets for this, as the only thing he told me that was right was the price..
The boat company called ‘Semaya’, had a boat at 1pm from Padangbang. We were taken to Gili Air first (past Gili T), so our actual journey was 2.5 hours, meaning we missed most of the day on the island. 

The ride was smooth and we were given free water. Although the route doesn’t make any sense I think it was the tour company that got all the information wrong not Semaya, so I can’t complain about them. 

Hey Kuta, what’s with all the dead fish?

Kuta, Bali.

So on our first day in Bali, after the tropical downpour eased off, we headed to Kuta beach just down the road from our hotel. 

To be truthful I was less than impressed. The trouble with travelling to many places with beautiful beaches is; your standards are heightened for what qualifies as a ‘great beach’ and your expectations are higher.

Kuta in my opinion, just ain’t gonna cut it. 

The sand is quite nice; when you get a clear bit that isn’t filled with litter, plastic bottles or weird stuff you’d rather not step on. 

The water is murky. Though that’s probably because the tide is strong. Because of the waves it’s a popular place to surf. 

There is just something very mysterious going on at Kuta Beach..

On our walk across the beach we came across at least 25 dead fish on the shore.

Does anyone know why this is or the cause behind this? Is it simply that the tide brings them in and forgets to take them back out or is there something in the water poisoning all the fish? 

I am baffled.

I’m also very nosey and inquisitive so I’d really like to know. What’s with all the dead fish? 

On the plus side Kuta has some lovely restaurants. Our favourites were the Bamboo Garden Cafe, which is really cheap and serves gigantic portions.

And Kumatex which has a great lunch deal! A meal, an ice tea and an ice cream after for just 49000 rupiah (that’s £2.60!)



Guide to the Gilis

Gili Islands = paradise. They are my favourite place of my whole travelling experience, and a great place to end the phenomenal journey I’ve been on.

Gili T: the ‘party’ place 

Known for its strip of bars and lovely restaurants, Gili T is lively, fun and there’s always something going on.

There’s lots of activities to keep everyone occupied for days, with the added beauty of a scenic beach.

New rudys has great music

Jiggy jigs is the place to go if your looking for a proper club venue

or head to Sama Sama bar if you have a love for reggae and enjoy watching live bands

To eat

Eoiste by the beach has a lovely and affordable lunch

Grab an amazing juice or smoothie at Trawangan Dive Resort as you bask in the sun with this stunning view..

The Terminal serves a mean burger and plays all sorts of sports (we watch the McGregor vs Diaz UFC fight here).

To stay

Alfia bungalows is right off the beach and a 2 minute walk from the pier.

For just 200k you have a lovely room complete with tv and video. Wifi, a nice breakfast And really lovely staff.


On this island you can do yoga, learn to surf and wakeboard, dive, snorkel and even moonwalk underwater!

 To get to Gili Meno we jumped on a private boat that our new Irish friends we met at the UFC fight had prebooked. Liam and I paid 50k each to go one way

Gili meno: The Tranquil place 

Gili meno is relaxation bliss. It’s very quiet and there is no nightlife, just some restaurants.

It’s a very peaceful island where you go to completely unwind. If you go out at night, be sure to bring your phone as a torch, most of the pathways are unlit.

We spent our evening here at Karma restaurant.

It’s absolutely beautiful with a romantics ambience and it’s featured in the top Gili Magazines.

 Needless to say it’s was very expensive ‘backpacker’ wise but we decided to treat ourselves.

Be careful in Gili Meno as the ‘nice’ restaurants here add 21% tax to your bill!
We stayed in Putri homestay. Cheap and clean and a 5 minute walk from the beach and restaurants. There were no windows in the bathroom so mozzies could get in but this was somethin we we’re very used to by now.

We was however, provided with a mozzie repellent plug and a safety deposit box.

 A very nice breakfast was included too so it’s well worth the money!

Gili air: The great balance of both

Agh Aza zil bungalows, probably one of my accommodation highlights of our whole trip!

 I could not recommend this place highly enough and still cannot believe it was only £10 per night!

Chill out restaurant: a lovely and fair priced dinner by the beach: lots of variety

 The beach club; Bel Air and Raja bar are all places that turn into an outdoor cinema every night at 8pm

On Gili T and Gili Air you can book onto a Turtle spotting snorkelling trip around all 3 islands You can read bout us swimming with turtles here

I hope you found this post useful! If you need any help planning your trip to the Gilis, feel free to ask.


Gili Islands: Swimming with Turtles

Did you know that Indonesia is one of the only countries in the world that inhabits all 7 species of turtle? Pretty cool huh?

Liam and I took full advantage of this and booked ourself on a tour to snorkel around all three of the Gili islands yesterday.
  We went on a mission to spot as many turtles as we could. 

We set off from the harbour in a small boat at 10am with Cha Cha tours. A mere 100k each paid for our whole trip that included the rental of a snorkel, mask and fins. 

We swam in 2 spots in the morning. The tour guide leads you around and luckily for us we found a turtle swimming near the surface as soon as we jumped in. 

 He/she was so calm, swimming gracefully through the water, not at all startled by us humans. I’m pretty sure they’re used to sharing the sands of the Gilis with us tourists by now to be fair. 

  After we had worked up an appetite in our first two sessions, we headed for lunch overlooking the beautiful beach at Sasak Cafe on Gili Meno. We had already seen 5 turtles by this point! 

At our last two swimming spots, not only did we see 2 more turtles, we saw a wide range of beautiful corals of all colours and lots of wonderful fish!

  We also found a very interesting display of bicycles and racks under water? We took full advantage of this unique and weird experience..

  How cool is that?!

We  finished up around 2pm and headed back just as it started to rain. How’s that for timing? 

We spotted a total of 7 different turtles throughout the day, some of them bigger than the torso of my body. Crazy stuff. I would say a very successful snorkelling trip wouldn’t you?

If your visiting the Gili Islands i’d advised you to do this tour. Such a bargain!
And don’t forget to visit the Turtle Conservations on Gili T or Gili Meno. You can see all of the newly hatched turtles that the locals protect and feed for their first year of life.

When they are big and strong enough to fend for themselves, they have a big festival and set them free into the ocean. 

Please try to make a donation too as its a non-profit organisation and all the money goes to feeding and providing for the turtles. We need to help these mammals as many species face extinction due to various causes! 

My South East Asia Travel Route!

Now I know that travelling is all about ‘being a free spirit’ and going with the flow, but I am a planner, through and through. I like to get things organized and know that the wheels are in motion. I have therefore, (much to every free spirited travelers dissatisfaction) compiled a very structured plan of my 3-4 month travelling experience. This is likely to change frequently, the number of days in each place will vary, I may not do all the activities and any feedback/recommendations I receive may change my mind, but I’ve based this around much of the advice/tips on travelling websites and blog posts I have researched over the past couple of months. Please take into account that most of these bullet points are not my own and have been taken from sources listed at the bottom of this post. Please feel free to correct/change/offer any alternatives or advice on the below recommend any places to add/avoid. I’m as open as a book.

London to Bangkok on 30TH NOVEMBER arriving in the evening.

BANGKOK (2 Nights)

  • Visit to Wat Po Temple, Khoa San Road which is popular traveler hub full of roadside pop up bars, restaurants, food vendors, shopping and awesome nightclubs.


  • Immerse in the culture and history of Thailand.
  • Ethical Elephant Experience, visit to Erawan National Park beautiful Waterfalls and a visit to the Bridge over the River Kwai that had a huge historical impact in World War 2.

PHUKET (2 Nights)

  • Largest island of Thailand with gorgeous beaches, a buzzing nightlife & no shortage of things to do.

KOH PHI PHI (4 Nights)

  • Views to die for, awesome restaurants, beach bars, and beautiful tanned people.
  • “The Beach” was filmed here

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