Travel Packing: Test 2

At this exact point in 7 days time I’ll be ready to board with my one way ticket to South East Asia!

Remember my last post on travel packing? It didn’t really go as planned..

Last time I challenged myself to lose a packing cube, which I have managed yay me! 

So here is the final outcome – bar a last few bits I’m yet to buy (shampoo & conditioner, 2 X long sleeve tops and few other small toiletries)

My backpack weight: 13kg.

Then I have the detachable rucksack for flights/day time etc 

  Ok so what’s the contents? 

I feel like I need to warn you as I’ve packed quite a lot, even though I’ve read everywhere to take 3-4 tops, 2 pairs of trousers etc. I just can’t do it. I’ve decided once I’m there to throw/donate things bit by bit instead. 

First packing cube   

This contains 3x vest tops, 3x tshirts, 2 nice tops and 1x printed pants. (I will be added 2x long sleeve tops to this for dusk/dawn to avoid mosquito bites). I also packed a white pashmina for colder nights/journeys and it also doubles as a sarong for the beach.

I tried each of these on to make sure they match most of/all of below so that I have lots of transferrable outfits. 

The bottoms   

2 X 3/4s – tan and black

2 X cargo shorts, tan and white

1x high waisted khaki shorts

1x long skirt (for temples where you need to cover up)

I’ve also packed 3x different style dresses  

1x print tshirt dress, 1x black maxi and 1x multiway dress that wraps 10 different ways- I’d highly recommended one of these if you like a bit of variety.

All of this was folded and put into a  vacuum bag. 

The second packing cube  

6x bikinis, 1x kaftan 

It also contains all my underwear which I’m sure you don’t need to see 😊

I have packed 1x multiway bra, 2x nude sports bra, 2x white sports bra and 7 pairs of cotton knickers. (Lots of underwear is essential as I have heard it’s very hard to come by in Asia)

All together the next 4 months of fashion for me looks like this…



  This category takes up so much space it’s crazy!

I won’t list everything here as you can see the pic but some items I have reasoning for:

– 3/4 of a toilet roll, taken off the reel to save space. – a secret pouch full of tampons (I’ve read that both of these items aren’t always readily ‘available’ so I’m playing it safe) – hair serum: to tame my wild mane – miscellaneous water & cotton pads: I have problem skin & this is much better than wipes – piriton: I get bad prickly heat 

I still need to get a number of things including talcum powder (doubles as dry shampoo) and bicarbonate of soda; can be used as a face wash, shampoo and deodorant so may be able to replace the big can. 


So this all makes up the next 4 months of my life!

If you would like a full list of what’s inside, let me know and I’ll be happy to send you a checklist 😊

Is there anything vital that you think I’m missing that you don’t see?

In a couple of days I will post my hand luggage necessities and what out of this post needs to be in your rucksack for travelling throughout long journeys

LwL x 

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LwL x

Travel Packing: Test 1

18 days to go and I’m starting to get nervous! It’s coming around so quick.

It’s so funny how you read articles time after time on taking less of everything in your rucksack to do yourself a favour. Yet you try to beat the odds.. and fail.

I have a 65L backpack, with a detachable rucksack that you can zip off of the front. I am still yet to work out whether the 65L’s includes the day rucksack or just the main backpack?

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7 reasons why a blunt friend is the best friend

My friend tagged me in this post yesterday as I’m well known to be bluntly honest. People can take me in many different ways but I  see honesty as the best policy even if there are some things people don’t want to hear. Just to be clear I’m never maliciously honest, but if you directly ask me something or request my opinion, I will never lie. If your ‘bum looks big in this’, I will tell you it looks big..but you look beautiful in option B :o)

So here are 7 reasons why a blunt friend is the best friend you’ll ever have.

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A Nun at a rave..KISS Haunted Party

Now I have to say, I never thought I’d find myself dancing to Rudimental in a nun costume, nor did I think I’d ever hear the sentence, ‘thank you for letting me hold your cucumber’ on a train ride home. But when you put a cat, a skeletor nun and Jack the pumpkin king on a night out..surrounded by dead princesses, famed serial killers, zombies and the odd few sugar skull faces, what else can you expect?

Last night I went to the KISS Haunted House Party hosted at Wembley Arena. Absolutely unbelievable night!


The line up was very impressive and I don’t think i’ve ever been to a concert/festival where every single performer smashed it Live, until yesterday. Its hard to say who was my favourite. Rita Ora smashed it but Little Mix was the highlight of the night (and they looked amazing too!)

Little Mix
Little Mix

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