5 ways to be happier in life

Its Monday – doom and gloom day for many. But not me, I love Mondays!

New week, new possibilities and new goals to smash. Hell yeah.

To get you all through the week with a big smile on your face, I’ve put together 5 ways in which I believe you can lead a happier life.

All additional tips are welcome; just post them in the comments section J

  1. Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people

Positives attract positives, it’s a given! The law of Attraction is a powerful thing. If you are surrounded by negativity you will most likely become more negative.

Spend your time wisely with people who fulfill you, lift your mood and make you smile.


  1. Stop reading the news every day

I’m sure a lot of people will gasp at the sight of this comment. Avoid being updated on the Worlds current affairs – how could you possibly?!

However, if you want to be happier you need a News Detox. The News is filled with negativity and “brain washing” to flood people’s minds with fear and worry. Sad stories do not make for a happy mind. The world can be horrible yes, but it can also be wonderful too! Try a weekly newspaper instead of a daily one.


  1. Eat Healthier and do some exercise

These two go hand in hand with each other.

I know that sitting around eating chocolate bars and living off caffeine drinks for energy seems like the easier option, but feeling lethargic and fat is not something that will make you smile.

Living healthy has been proven to have a positive psychological effect on living beings. I mean, look at how happy dogs are when they’re running around chasing sticks in the park!


Get some fruit and veg down you and go for a run to boost those energy levels.

As a wise blonde lawyer once said ‘Exercise releases endorphin’s and endorphin’s make you happy’ Listen to Elle, she speaks sense.

  1. Try something new

Especially on the weekends! Relaxation time is important, but don’t waste the only 2 days you have off of work lying in bed!

Try out a new hobby, do a fun day with friends and family, or how about learning a new language? Knowledge is power after all.

  1. Travel often

“Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” Hear hear.

Be rich in life and live for new experiences in new places, new cultures and new inspirations. Expand your mind as much as you can and learn and travel often.


Don’t worry, be happy. You’re alive after all, and life is beautiful thing. No matter what day of the week it is.

LwL x



Liebster Award!

Thank you to Niki , Elle and Nerissa for nominating me for the Liebster Award!

It was a great birthday present and I had a lot of fun with this :)

10 Questions for you to answer-

5 writing/blog related questions

1. What did you write before you started blogging? (Journal, short stories, nothing…)

I wrote, and still currently write for an Online magazine called LoveThatMag

2. Who did you first share your blog with?

I started my blog originally to post about my travels so that my friends and family could read. Now I have expanded on my categories because i’m addicted to blogging!

3. Who do you hope reads your blog most or who do you hope doesn’t?

I want anyone who can learn from me, or that need my advice on anything whether it be for health, travels, food or how to clear your spots to read my blog

I don’t online trolls to read my blog ha.

4.How long do you typically spend creating a post from start to publish?

I’m a big fan of drafting and coming back to finish. Most of my posts are noted on my phone at the time in which they happen (travel wise) or when creativity strikes.

A lot of the time I have so many ideas that I have to pace myself and remember to post one at a time instead of 10 in one day haha.

  1. Do you secretly hope for a post to go viral? Why or why not?

Theres no secret about it really. I would love to go viral and I would love to have 1000’s of readers caring about what I post. Its always nice to feel like people are actually listening right?

Though as Spiderman so cleverly put it, with great power comes great responsibility.

5 random questions-

  1. What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

Spend more time doing things that make you happy and less time on things or people that will be irrelevant to you in a few years

2. What smell takes you straight back to your childhood?

The smell of candyfloss! It takes me back to the amusement parks at the Isle of Sheppey where I used to have a chalet.

3. If you had to move today, no questions asked to another country, which would it be and why?

Australia. Because I love London but the only thing missing is the weather.

4. If you could live in any time period (other than the present) what would it be and why?

The 70’s, because I like frilly socks and I want to be a Pink Lady.

5.If a movie were to be made about your life, what would it be called and who would play you in the movie?

Wandering Nuggs. I would play myself of course (shot at fame right there).



Liebster award

Here are my 10 nominees. I understand not everyone is into the awards, no pressure. If you are so inclined, please see the rules of engagement below the nominee section. Drum roll please… Listed in no particular order as they are all great in their own way, I invite you to check out the following blogs-

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5. Allison has the lowdown on how to get things done in life in 10 easy steps or less

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7. Love & Water has such a great outlook on life, and shares the same passions as me

8. Ringstacks and Rhubarb has it covers with all things fashion!

9. Blender & Basil blog all about my two favourite cuisines: Italian and Chinese!

10. Ellis goes on holiday Such a great all round blogger with a love for many things, much like myself!

Rules of Engagement should my nominees choose to participate-

(Please link back or let me know in the comments if you participate so I can check out your post!)

Liebster Award Rules:

  • Thank your nominator- in this case, Lauren over at Living With Lauren
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10 Questions for you to answer-

The practical stuff:

Why did you start blogging?

What is your favourite word?

What your favourite place in the whole word?

Which do you prefer, a book, song or movie?

Now lets get creative..

Which 3 famous people would you want around your dinner table and why? (they can be dead or alive)

If you had to choose your last supper, what would it be?

Do you believe in mermaids?

Which film have you watched which most resembles your life?

Why do rainbows end?

Thank you again to all three of you lovely ladies for thinking of me for this award, I’m honoured!

Living with Arthur

Arthur can be very aggressive, when his angry he inflicts lots of pain
On lucky days I can avoid him
But eventually he torments again

At 19, Arthur forced me to cut off my hair
and he caused me unbelievable stress
He sometimes limits me from exercise too
so I struggle to look my best

He has made me feel tired and frustrated
heartbroken and very alone
He steals all of my energy and some days
its too much effort to even leave my home

I get support from my family and friends
but theyll never fully know
How it feels to live with someone you despise
but someone you cannot let go

Some days I wake up with new hope
And some days I wake up with none
Sometimes I know I’ll have a terrible day
before the day has even begun

I often try to set goals for myself
but Arthur gets in the way
Even the simplest of tasks are hard
when his there to ruin my day

I often wonder and think to myself
Why was it me he chose to be with?
Then I remember not to take pity on myself
As there are far worse lives I could live

Happy 5th Anniversary to us Arthur,
were finally learning to get along.
I’m stuck with you but at least I’m fighting back
You taught me that to succeed in life you must be strong.

An insight into chronic illness from yours truly

LwL x

6 ways I saved for my Dream Trip

Its very rare that I come across someone who doesn’t wish they could leave their reality for a while and go travelling across the globe. Its also rare that I come across someone in the older generation who doesn’t regret not going when they were ‘younger’.

I have came across the ‘couldn’t leave my job to..’ ‘not brave enough to..’ ‘didn’t have the money to..’ ‘was never the right time to..’

Now I cant turn back time and I am yet to obtain the miracle of making anyone younger, I also cant force anyone that isn’t brave enough to take the leap, but I can help when it comes to the money side with a few tips and tricks that I learnt while saving for my dream  trip across South East Asia (leaving on Monday!).

First things first, I have been saving since November 2014. In that time I have been on 5 holidays abroad, 2 festivals and 2 UK based holiday weekends amongst many other enjoyable nights out.

I think its fair to say I haven’t scrimped and scraped and I haven’t missed out on anything I didn’t want to. But if you are not me and you do not share my love to socialise as much, I assure you, you will be able to save a lot more.

  1. Monitor what you spend

spreadsheets-finances-personalOk not the most fun thing to do, but I’ve put it first as I believe it’s the most important.

This trick made it very clear to me that I had an impulsive shopping habit and that I spend way too much money when I’m drunk.  This is probably relatable to most people.

I was spending 1/3 of my wages per month on going out and shopping! (enter the ‘you need to go to AA meetings’ comment.) I never  realised until the figures were put in front of me.

When you monitor what you spend you become aware of your habits. Being aware means that you can fix it, and save it.

Heres some budgeting spreadsheet to help you out

2 . Ditch the Gym membership

I don’t know about you but I could never bring myself to pay £60-70 per month for a gym membership. Its crazy how much fitness costs these days!

The only way I can warrant that money is if you go to the gym everyday, for hours on end and I’m way too lazy and too tight for that.

Ditch the membership and get yourself outdoors. Go for a run or ride a bike. If its too cold get yourself on Youtube and go through some home workouts in your living room, technology is the answer.


For all you fitness crazed loons who must be a gym member (or those that feel thinner just for being a gym member aka me), at least try a cheaper one, I signed up to Fit4Less. At £25-30 per month and no contract, that’s saved me £360 for the year.

3. Bring your own lunch to work


Its probably the most obvious one I can think of, but laziness with this got the better of me until recently.

Working in the city means an average of £6 spent on lunch everyday. That’s £30 over a 5 day week! Get creative and prep your meals the night before, or at the start of the week if you want to.

Prepping = eating healthier = thinner human = no need to exercise as much = no need for a gym membership – see how it all fits together!

4. Sign up for the discount cards

The Unlimited Cineworld card  is one for the movie buffs, or for those who hate staying in. One trip to the cinema for an adult these days is £11 in London! £16.50 per month gets you unlimited films as often as you like. You do the math.

Taste card is one for the foodies. You can buy a card for a £1 and you have access to 2 for 1 and % off at just under 7000 restaurants!

This way you can avoid being a hermit at a much lower cost. Try and get all your friends involved as it isn’t as fun to go cinema or dine by yourself.

Best of all, although you enter into a contract, you can cancel it early if you can prove that you have a one way ticket out of the country for a while, just as I did. (you didn’t hear that from me)

5. Find the deals!

Ok so you want to go on a night out? Yes you are allowed, saving does not mean putting your life on hold! You just have to be a bit clever.

These days thanks to the internet there are deals galore. For literally everything. Spa deals, 2 for 1 cocktails, theatre tickets, comedy nights, zorbing, food deals and the list goes on.

GoGroopie, Amazon Local, Opentable, Groupon and Wowcher are all great options. If there is an activity you really want to do, always check on these places first before booking anywhere else. Trust me you’ll save hundreds!

6 . Sell you unwanted/unused goods

Now this is something I’m taking true advantage of, thanks to my impulsive spending habits. Most of the time when I buy things, I change my mind an hour later. I either don’t like them anymore or don’t want to after I’ve worn them once (thanks to social media). I am also just a hauler of absolute crap.

Wallapop and Depop are great places to sell clothes and accessories. Ebay is a great all rounder to sell pretty much anything! (vice versa I have bought most of my travelling stuff on here and saved loads of money). You can put fixed prices or starting bids on anything so you never have to worry about underselling your valuables. (Does anyone want to buy my Finepix Underwater camera by the way? I found my old one that i lost yay!)


Raid your house and room and look for those unwanted goodies. Get out that Karaoke kit you haven’t touched since you was 14 or those  DVDs you haven’t watched since Netflix was invented and get posting.

One mans trash is another mans treasure..

I could go on all day to tell you how I have managed to save pennies and pounds here are there. The truth is, every person is different.

It all boils down to your expenses vs. profit. To save more, spend less – simple!

I hope this helps. Do you have any useful money saving tips?

LwL x

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all those over the pond!

I’m aware that it’s an American celebration but thank you for bringing Black Friday to the UK so that I can take advantage of lots of cheap deals!

I have decided to post 5 things I am thankful for.

1. I am thankful for having the most amazing family I could ever ask for. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. I come from such a grounded and loving home which I’ve realised as i get older, is not as common as I once thought. I am most thankful for this.

2. I am thankful to live in a country where women have a voice and a choice. The Suffragettes film released this year really bought this home for me!

3. I am thankful to have the freedom and opportunity to do things, like embark on the journey of a lifetime (on Monday ahh!)

4. I am thankful to wake up everyday happy and (almost) healthy.

5. I am thankful for knowing and meeting good, nice people. They give me the hope and appreciation of life in this world that I sometimes struggle to see in the daily news

What are you all thankful for?

LwL x

Out with the old…

Welcome to my new travel blog: Lauren with Luggage

(originally Living with Lauren)1st blog layout

Can you believe its only 10 days until I leave to travel South East Asia?!

I remember starting this blog back in July, thinking that I still have forever to wait until I leave. Its flown by so quick, and today is my last day of work for 4- 5 months!


Today I have revamped and redesigned everything. The new layout is more funky and colourful, more representative of my personality I like to think!

This means I still have 10 days to fix/edit/tweak the new one before I leave to get it super easy to post while travelling.

What do you think of the new layout??

LwL x

Mutual Weirdness

Join me in mutual weirdness and hit the follow button.

I have a goal to get to 100 followers before I go travelling on 30th November!

To all those who follow my blog already, I hope it’s entertaining and if there’s anything you want to see on here that I’m missing, feel free to let me know!

LwL x

I wear my Poppy with Pride

I understand some of the reasons why people may not want to wear a poppy.
In recent years its believed to have become politicised to ‘promote war’.

But let me be clear.

Regardless of what it has become, it was created and originated to respect and remember all who fought for this country. The same country you walk freely in today.
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One Lovely Blog Award!

blog award

Morning guys, happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend.

I’m having a great start to the week as I am very pleased to announce that I have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award.Thank you so much to Charlotte (Alohalotte) who nominated me. This is my first time being nominated for a blog award since I started blogging in July so I am very thankful. Continue reading “One Lovely Blog Award!”