OOTD: Monday Blues

So we’re set for another hot week!

I love that summer is staying with us for longer than expected. 

Here’s today’s outfit for me. All blue everything, with one of my favourite nude bags to break it up. What do you think? 

Blue halter neck dress with ruffle by Yessica £18; Nude bag from Zara £22.99; Blue flower sandals from Primark £8, Aviator sunglasses from a boutique in Gran Canaria €8


Through a startling realisation of how unflexible I am, I have recently decided to take up Yoga (amongst many other things) in my new found fitness regime. 

I had my first class today at Another Space. Not your average yoga though, hot yoga. Basically it’s yoga but in 30 degree heat. 

I’ve only had a few previous yoga sessions. However, this was years ago when I did a few classes of hot Bikram yoga at the studio in London Bridge. 

Needless to say I was no expert, but my unflexible suspicions were confirmed when most of participants in the room could touch their toes bending over quite easily, and my hands barely passed my knees…

On the plus side I’m feeling very zen and ready to attack the rest of the day! 

I also have a new personal challenge to be more at one with my body, getting much more flexible in the process. Fingers crossed.

P.s Do you like my new ellesse leggings? 

I’m loving all the bold and colourful prints out right now! Time for a fitness shopping spree I think. 

LwL x  

Exposure PR are looking for Scouts!

Calling all fashion buds..

Exposure, the PR and Comms agency behind the likes of Nike, Converse, Uniqlo and Levis (to name a few), is looking for bright, young 16 – 22 year-olds across the UK to be the ‘eyes and ears’ in the industry.

“We want to know your thoughts on trends, topics and happenings of the current day! In turn, you will collaborate with some of London’s best creative minds and work on an array of projects and brands. The projects are varied, you may take part in creative sessions and surveys, trial products, attend events and present to clients.
There’s no bill to fit. We are looking for a mixture of people from different backgrounds, who are into different things and who are wise to different scenes.
Just tell us a bit about yourself. Where you hang out. What you’re into. Where you live. What you live for. Which brands float your boat and which ones sink it.”

How exciting?! If only I wasn’t turning 24 next week…

For some great experience for your CV, email: polina.barnard@exposure.net.

Kylie Jenner colour braids

Absolutely loving this look that Kylie Jenner rocked to Coachella on the weekend.

I daren’t say i would dye my hair all those colours, but it’s definitely gave me an idea for festival hair this summer… Chalk hair paint anyone?? 

I’m gonna grab these non-toxic ones I found, under a fiver too, winning! 

I can’t say I was a fan of the fashion attire though. Oh god that jacket.. Bit too oversized for me.

What were your thoughts on the outfit? 

LwL X 

OOTD: Floral Cullottes 

Absolutely loving the Cullottes trend! This fashion piece was very popular last year and I’m so glad that they are making their way into our spring wardrobes too.

Here’s my posh Cullottes look, brunch at the Ritz anyone?

Layered Top: Asos


Bag: New Look


Shoes: Public Desire


Cullottes: Primark


Affordable Fashion: Boky Lee Inspired

Stylish, artistic, clever. No unfortunately I’m not talking about myself. These are the words i’d use to define designer Boky Lees current ‘Mirage’ Collection.
This colourful jewellery range varies from brooch kits to high trend chokers.

  Each scaffolding inspired creation allows its wearer to customise the design using the pipes and interchangeable connection parts.


Boky Lee gold Bracelet

You can add your own creative flare, using a combination of colours to compliment many different outfits making these pieces both stylish and rewearable.

One of my personal favourites, the mien choker kit is an iconic statement piece. One that can be paired perfectly with a stylish athletic, colour clash style or add some edge to a plunge cut LWD for spring.

This quirky range is at the forefront of this seasons colour pop theme and items start at £178.

Unfortunately for us common folk, those sorts of prices are just not feesible. I have therefore scoured the online fashion world to find some Boky Lee inspired cheaper alternatives. There is always a way to be fashionable without breaking the bank right?

Colour tattoo chokers from etsy.com

You can’t customise these, but at 99p per piece you can buy the whole collection for under £10!

Check out this cute multicolour choker from Claires for just £5

This blue necklace if a similar shape is on £7.99 from New Look

For the same look but more comfortable wear, grab yourself one of these satin chokers from ebay. They come in 25 different colours!

This fab block bracelet from Amazon will turn any simple outfit into a striking ensemble.

Affordable but on trend fashion, now that’s what we love!


LwL x


The Jenner’s Spring collection has expanded..

That’s right, the Jenner’s are at it again. Much like their Kardashian sisters, they seem to have their fingers in a lot of pies.

Admittedly, it’s a bit of a task trying to keep up isn’t it? A famous reality TV show, Calvin Klein ads, lip kits and puma deals. Then just a few shorts months ago, they started their very own ‘ready to wear’ collection.

The success of the Kendall + Kylie line that launched back in February has turned many heads. The pieces, inspired by the sisters’ “favorite vintage staples and their current closets”, have received lots of attention. As a result, they’re adding an exclusive collab with Neiman Marcus to the resume!


On Thursday, Neiman Marcus announced that they would carry nine exclusive pieces from the Kendall + Kylie collection. Each ‘premium’ design was exclusively created by the girls as part of an extension to the famous #OnlyatNM program.

“We wanted to widen our range of customers by introducing a more premium clothing line,” Kendall Jenner said in a statement. “We incorporated a lot of sophisticated and versatile pieces that were simple, yet chic.”

The line boasts rich fabrics, glamorous cuts and some key on-trend pieces that range from $95 to $995.

Favourite pieces include a striped crop blouse


A wide-leg culottes LBJ


And of course, the most expensive in the line, the belted zip-front leather jacket.

belted white

Yet again these ladies have proved that not only are they a force to be reckoned with, there not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

For interested parties, the collection is available for presale online at Neiman Marcus, and will be available in all 42 stores in the US starting April 7.

LwL x



Liebster Award!

Thank you to Niki , Elle and Nerissa for nominating me for the Liebster Award!

It was a great birthday present and I had a lot of fun with this :)

10 Questions for you to answer-

5 writing/blog related questions

1. What did you write before you started blogging? (Journal, short stories, nothing…)

I wrote, and still currently write for an Online magazine called LoveThatMag

2. Who did you first share your blog with?

I started my blog originally to post about my travels so that my friends and family could read. Now I have expanded on my categories because i’m addicted to blogging!

3. Who do you hope reads your blog most or who do you hope doesn’t?

I want anyone who can learn from me, or that need my advice on anything whether it be for health, travels, food or how to clear your spots to read my blog

I don’t online trolls to read my blog ha.

4.How long do you typically spend creating a post from start to publish?

I’m a big fan of drafting and coming back to finish. Most of my posts are noted on my phone at the time in which they happen (travel wise) or when creativity strikes.

A lot of the time I have so many ideas that I have to pace myself and remember to post one at a time instead of 10 in one day haha.

  1. Do you secretly hope for a post to go viral? Why or why not?

Theres no secret about it really. I would love to go viral and I would love to have 1000’s of readers caring about what I post. Its always nice to feel like people are actually listening right?

Though as Spiderman so cleverly put it, with great power comes great responsibility.

5 random questions-

  1. What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

Spend more time doing things that make you happy and less time on things or people that will be irrelevant to you in a few years

2. What smell takes you straight back to your childhood?

The smell of candyfloss! It takes me back to the amusement parks at the Isle of Sheppey where I used to have a chalet.

3. If you had to move today, no questions asked to another country, which would it be and why?

Australia. Because I love London but the only thing missing is the weather.

4. If you could live in any time period (other than the present) what would it be and why?

The 70’s, because I like frilly socks and I want to be a Pink Lady.

5.If a movie were to be made about your life, what would it be called and who would play you in the movie?

Wandering Nuggs. I would play myself of course (shot at fame right there).



Liebster award

Here are my 10 nominees. I understand not everyone is into the awards, no pressure. If you are so inclined, please see the rules of engagement below the nominee section. Drum roll please… Listed in no particular order as they are all great in their own way, I invite you to check out the following blogs-

1.  The Millionaires Digest post some really useful tips on how to succeed in the blogging world. They recently helped with with tips and advice on how to revamp my design

2. Everythingnnothin If you love freebies and giveaways you HAVE to follow this blog

3. TheTallBlonde A great fashion and beauty blog, equipped with very profesh photos

4. Allegra is a british fashion stylist with a blog as beautiful as her name

5. Allison has the lowdown on how to get things done in life in 10 easy steps or less

6. Emily Nueva has a great blog for a bit of everything and is a super talented fashion illustrator

7. Love & Water has such a great outlook on life, and shares the same passions as me

8. Ringstacks and Rhubarb has it covers with all things fashion!

9. Blender & Basil blog all about my two favourite cuisines: Italian and Chinese!

10. Ellis goes on holiday Such a great all round blogger with a love for many things, much like myself!

Rules of Engagement should my nominees choose to participate-

(Please link back or let me know in the comments if you participate so I can check out your post!)

Liebster Award Rules:

  • Thank your nominator- in this case, Lauren over at Living With Lauren
  • Share the award on your blog (save my image, or find one online, there are plenty!)
  • Answer the 10 questions Lauren asked you
  • Ask 10 questions to 10 new nominees who have less than 300 followers (if I nominated you and you have more, please don’t be offended, not all follower counters are easy to find. Or your blog was so amazing that I had to share it)
  • Notify your nominees

10 Questions for you to answer-

The practical stuff:

Why did you start blogging?

What is your favourite word?

What your favourite place in the whole word?

Which do you prefer, a book, song or movie?

Now lets get creative..

Which 3 famous people would you want around your dinner table and why? (they can be dead or alive)

If you had to choose your last supper, what would it be?

Do you believe in mermaids?

Which film have you watched which most resembles your life?

Why do rainbows end?

Thank you again to all three of you lovely ladies for thinking of me for this award, I’m honoured!

OOTN: All black everythin’ 

Last night I headed to Fifteen York Hill in Loughton. A lovely little place with great music and good people. 


They have regular events over the weekend and it’s always very busy on a bank holiday. 

There’s also a lovely food menu for weekdays and Sunday lunch! 

Here was my Outfit of the Night:


Patent black stilettos

Black keyhole jumpsuit
Snake skin look bag


*Jumpsuit: Missguided *Heels: Kurt Geiger *Bag: H&M