Mui Ne: Heading straight for the sun

Ok I know travelling is all about immersing yourself in the culture, finding unusual places, embarking on great discoveries, trekking and all that jazz but it’s been a month since we’ve seen some proper sun.
Heading for Vietnam in January? clearly the worse decision Ive made so far. It’s their winter you know? We have had constant clouds and miserableness for so long that I forgot what the sun looks like.

So we decided to skip the French Alps looking town that is Dalat, and head straight for the beach of Mui Ne. Don’t judge me. 

On our first day sunbathing I got a bit over excited and unfortunately this resulted in some serious sunburn..

 Ouch. God damn you Irish skin.

I worked so hard to get a base tan in Thailand and after 3 weeks here it’s ruined me and I’m back to square one. Emotional times. 

Anyway, this is the lovely Mui Ne Beach..   
 Mui ne is popular for kite surfing – I gather that’s because the beach is ridiculously windy; so much so that it’s hard to lay and sunbathe because the sand attacks you. 

As a result of this, the waves are also quite violent, nonetheless it’s really fun to run into the sea and jump into them. Just make sure your bikini is done up tight or it will fall off! 


We stayed at the Backpackers village for a night and made use of their pool for most of our time in Mui Ne.

There’s nothing like a dip in the pool when it gets too hot!

We had a lovely few days chillaxing here and I don’t regret our decision to come here instead. 

Just wait for my sand dunes post, one of my travelling highlights so far! 
LwL X 

Koh Tao: Chillin’ on Sairee BeachĀ 

(I’ve added some more photos from my xp camera)

So we’ve just had our introduction to our open water course.It turns out that our course is SSI and not PADI. The only difference is the agency but it’s the same qualification so it’s ok. 

This evening consisted of lots of video watching on risk awareness, important but not the most exciting information, a bit scary actually but hey, safety first! 

Early start tomorrow – training starts at 7am!

In the meantime I thought I would post some pics of our last couple of chilled days in Koh Tao: Sairee Beach 


 There are lots of swings along the beach, this makes me very happy!  




  I’ll be posting about today’s trip to Nang Yuan Island soon šŸ˜Š

LwL X 

Chillin’ in Koh Lanta

Hi all, to be honest for the last 3 days and nights we’ve done absolutely nothing here in Koh Lanta. Though after 2 weeks of full on activities I think it was definitely overdue!

We’re staying in the Riviera Resort which I will post about tomorrow.

  Koh Lanta is a lovely chilled place. It has a beautiful beach, bars and restaurants along the beach front and a lot less tourists than the other places we’ve been.

  To be honest though that’s about it. Koh Lanta is somewhere you come to do absolutely nothing. All we’ve done is eat, sunbathe and swim. I got a bit carried away today though and burnt my forehead

Bad times. Oh and I found a swing..

    This place is full of beach huts and reggae bars creating some seriously cool vibes. 

Here’s the great sunset we witnessed last night  while sipping on a Caribbean sunset (de-lic-ious  by the way, grab yourself one from Freedom Bar)


  For our last night tonight we went out for a lovely dinner along the beach. I ate this..

  A real fish staring at me on a plate and I didn’t even scream, haven’t I progressed?! 

Then we went to, yes you guessed it, a reggae bar.

 All the pretty lights make it feel quite christmassy, we even found a Christmas tree yayy!

  I have this wicked app called which pinpoints everywhere you go.. So here’s my Koh Lanta trip

  Next stop, Krabi! 

LwL x 

Hellfire Pass: KanchanaburiĀ 

After lunch we headed to Hellfire Pass. The museum of the railway built by Thai prisoners of war during World War || to enable Japanese soldiers to travel to Burma to fight their enemies from there.   
  The location holds a contrast of feelings. The backdrop is beautiful but the reality of the pain and suffering that people experienced is overwhelming. There is even a memorial area for Kiwis, Australians, British and American troops that were taken as prisoners.

I have to say, as we didn’t know we was spending the afternoon here we did not come prepared at all. The 2.5km walk was painful considering it was all rocks and steps and I was wearing my flip flops! Lesson learnt – always wear walking shoes. 

Our last evening at Kitti Raft was spent drinking beer, watching the sun go down and lots of drunken beer talk. The scenery was so beautiful, and it was a nice feeling to know that this is my life for the next 4 months. 

 3 days ago I hated beer, but the options here are pretty much beer or water. So sober or drunk. Considering that I hadn’t had a great nights sleep since we got here because I’ve been ill, opted for the beer in the hope id pass out in bed drunk. To be fair, the more you drink the better it tastes. I will be a beer drinking pro by the time I get home, my brother will be thrilled ha. 
It worked – slept straight through! Well until 5.30 but it’s an improvement for my 1am interruptions. 

Bed time and early start ready for the Erawan Waterfalls 

LwL x