Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

Happy St. Paddy’s day my fellow Irish men and women! 

A day that commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. 

Did you know that Saint Patrick’s  day is celebrated in more countries than any other National day? Pretty cool huh, especially for such a small country.

I’m Irish of descent, yet i’ve still never managed to actually get myself to Ireland. Sorry excuse for a person I know.
Have no fear, I’m 100% heading to the green country this summer for a weekend. I’m just not sure where yet, any ideas? 
Anyway wherever you are, lets celebrate the heritage and culture of this beautiful country. A culture of friendly, family orientated people who love a good drink. (Me included). 
Grab yourself a Guinness, dress up in something green and cheers with a stranger.

You never know, you might just find your soulmate ha. 

LwL x 

100th post: Happy Australia Day!

Welcome to my 100th blog post, and a celebratory one at that!

Happy Australia Day to all my Ozzie pals and fellow bloggers.

I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating. I’ll be heading to the ‘Booze Cruise’ bar in Nha Trang tonight for their big celebratory event. Let’s hope they’ve baked some Anzac biscuits! 

  Australia Day is the official National Day of Australia. Celebrated annually on 26 January, it marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales, and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Governor Arthur Phillip.

LwL X 

Liverpool Weekender


As mentioned in my previous post, myself and 15 other girls went to Liverpool on the weekend for my best friends birthday. #girlsontour
I absolutely love the city! I’ve been more than 10x and I very much plan to go again.
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Afternoon Tea at the Marriott Hotel

To celebrate National Afternoon Tea week last week, I headed over to the Marriott hotel for a sophisticated birthday celebration for one of the important older ladies in my life.   I have to say, there was a time when the image of afternoon tea consists of a group of 60 year olds sitting in a circle sipping cups of tea and pointing their pinky finger out, while discussing current affairs. These days it is hard to find a hotel around London that DOESNT do afternoon tea. It’s become something of a craze, is our generation swapping the vodka for earl grey?  Now one of the questions that are always on my mind for this sort of thing is what do you wear? This can be a tricky one. Whilst you want to dress up for this occasion, I dare say mini skirts and stilettos are a good choice for these sorts of places. Bearing in mind that these hotels are 4-5 star establishments, the safe bet is to go for a smart-casual look.

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