2016 Reflection – Happy 2017!

Happy new year to all my fellow bloggers and readers! 

Did you bring in the new year in style? 

The new year is a great time for a bit of life reflection isn’t it? And 2016..Wow what a year! 

🔥 I started the first quarter travelling around South East Asia with my favourite person 😘

🔥 I have visited 13 countries, 7 since coming back from travelling in March ☀️

🔥 I came home jobless and confused about what to do with my life – 8 months later I have my own successful business brand 💪🏻 another career ahead of me 🎉 and the opportunity to take on another role 🙌🏻

🔥 I reduced the intake of my life long medication by two thirds 😍

🔥 I learnt to drive and bought a new car 🚗🚗

🔥 I am happier and healthier now than I have ever been 💚 and I help people become happier, healthier and wealthier on a daily basis 🍉 #h2oproject

🔥 I have met & am surrounded by the most amazing and inspiring women, and get to work with them on a daily basis #FFN 

🔥 I have reconnecting with old friends

🔥 I’ve hit 4 Promotions in my part time business accumulating £3000 in just bonuses! 

🔥 I’ve learnt a lot of things and developed myself as a person 

🔥 I now have a Save wage and a Spend wage every month to fund my travel habit 😂

🔥 I had the most memorable Christmas with my Wonderful family

🔥 I am feeling so blessed and thankful to every single person this year and every year before that who support me in everything I do – including you all! 

I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store!! #theonlywayisup

Wishing everyone health and happiness in 2017


7 apps every Network Marketor should have! 

Life in Network Marketing is so much easier when you have a few apps to help you along the way..here’s my top ones. Feel free to add more in the comments! 
Z O O M – This is a connection app a bit like FaceTime but for a group – all training calls can be done on here 💛 (free)

B U F F E R – This is a scheduling app – Schedule posts the night before for the following day, a God send if you work full time like myself – you can choose a time to schedule so that it posts even when you’re not on your phone. Genius! (Hootsuite is also very similar if you want to download that too) – (Free) 

L I V E C O L L A G E – A great app for creating collages and getting creative on your page – make your Social media sleek and professional with this – it is your business after all! 💛 (Free)

P H O T O E D I T O R – A good way to edit pics with effects/colour/blur out your spots or eye bags lol. You can also add basic text to pictures 💛 (Free)

B L E N D E D I T O R – You can use this app to add our brand logo to photos 💛 (free)

P I N T E R E S T – Full of Inspo and amazing pictures of women/boss babes/food recipes/workouts the lot to snap up your page and keep it varied 💛(Free)

 W O R D S W A G – Literally my fave app ever! You have to pay £2.99 for it but it’s so worth it. You can make creative, colourful photos and super professional pics 💛

Brand Launch is coming!

3 weeks to go until I launch my female entrepeneur network and I’m too excited!

It’s going to be a network that provides ideas, tips, advice and techniques for female boss babes to excel in business! 

I’m in the midst of discussing  Some promotional freebies to give away on the launch date. 

I have my Logo design slot booked in to create something mega!

Big things are coming!! 

If you have any creative branding ideas or tips that you would like to share to help make my launch the best ever, please feel free to comment below or even add me on Facebook to get more news about the launch event.

Search Lauren K O’Donoghue
LwL X 

How “The Daily Sales” Went From Nothing To Reaching Millions In 1 Year

This is a post I came across on LinkedIn today, written by Dan Disney, Founder of ‘The Daily Sales’.

I found it inciteful, very informative, and most of all inspirational for budding entrepeneurs. There are some really great tips on here!

I have therefore decided to share it with you all, in the hope that it inspires you too!

Dan Disney….

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about “How LinkedIn Changed My Life #MyLinkedInStory“. This post followed my own personal journey from unknown sales professional to building a personal brand through social media.

Now I’m going to share the story of how I founded and created The Daily Sales and grew it to reach millions of professionals in less than a year (I’ll also share tips to help you achieve the same!).

It all started with a meme…..

I’d been using LinkedIn a lot when every now and then I would see a meme pop up into my feed. These were often really funny and equally popular attracting plenty of likes, shares and comments.

After sharing some I decided to try and create my own…


The meme was really popular and even started to get shared across other social networks as well. I then noticed that there were hundreds of pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that were sharing meme’s but none on LinkedIn.


This was where The Daily Sales was created. I wanted to create a social/digital publication that would share a mixture of hilarious sales meme’s, inspirational sales quotes and informative sales blogs.

Now I had the idea for my business it was time to turn it into a reality. The core to any business should be it’s mission, what are you doing and why are you doing it. For me our mission is:

The Daily Sales is here to provide the very best social and digital content to sales people all across the globe each and every day.


Starting a business

Some people are worried that starting a business will need to cost a lot of money, but it doesn’t always have to. I started The Daily Sales on less than $50!

To create the logo I used a free app called “Logo Creator“. Setting up the social pages is relatively easy, for some though (including LinkedIn) you will need a proper business email address (not one ending in Hotmail or gmail.com for example).

I used a service called Wix where I was able to register my domain, set up a business email account and design my website all for under $50.

Followers need a reason to follow your page….

Once you’ve set everything up now is the time to start sharing content and growing your follower base. It doesn’t matter what you do or sell, your prospects and customers are social. This makes it so important for every business to embrace social and invest in their social presence.

If all you’re doing is advertising products or services do you really think people will really want to follow your page? The Daily Sales shares relevant free content that offers value to it’s audience. Whether it’s a meme, quote or blog it’s there to help sales people. This is what helped it grow, and it grew fast! We attract around 1000 – 1500 new followers each week through what we share.


Tip: When sharing content for your company make it something that your audience will want to read, not what YOU want them to read. Sharing free content, free trials, information, training or humor will allow you to grow your network quickly whilst also promoting and growing your brand.

One single bit of content shared can reach far and wide


One of our most popular meme’s, the Game of Thrones first day/last day meme was seen by millions of people. Just one single shared image suddenly viewed by such a huge number of professionals. Imagine if that image had your company logo on it or a link to your company website?

The reason it did so well was because it was shared during the penultimate episode of that series. Whilst the world was watching any content relevant to Game of Thrones was popular.

Tip: Watch for trends or popular subjects to gain some extra momentum with content popularity.

Consistency is key

I’ve seen so many companies and pages that are very random and sporadic with the way they share content. They may share lots over a few days but then you don’t see anything from them for weeks! They key to growing and engaging a social network is to share content consistently.

Tip: You don’t have to spend hours on social media to share content consistently. There is a fantastic company (and I mean fantastic!) called Hootsuite where you can schedule your content to be shared in advance!


Hard work pays off….

Creating a brand, setting up a business and growing it is hard work. Everything I do for The Daily Sales is done in my own time. The majority of the content shared is created internally which takes time. If you want to succeed in anything you have to be both passionate about it and also willing to work above and beyond.

A few months ago I was tagged in a post on Twitter letting me know that The Daily Sales had been featured in The London Evening Standard newspaper! Not long after that we secured a fantastic opportunity to be the Headline Supporter for The Sales Innovation Expo 2017.

It’s those moments that you realize the hard work is worth it. The biggest reward for me is seeing people like, laugh, share or engage in the content I share. The content might not be for everyone, but knowing that for some people it’s lightened their day, motivated them to work harder or provided them with knowledge to help them achieve more is what pushes me to work hard.

How can you grow your social presence?

You will be in one of three positions, either you are looking to grow your own personal brand on social media, you’re business/company or a social page. Whilst all slightly different here are my top 5 lessons that I’ve learnt growing The Daily Sales:

1) Spend time every day on social media – If you want to grow your social presence you are going to have to spend time each and every day on social networks. It doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t really be) hours and hours. However it’s important to schedule time in to engage with content, connect with new people and share content. It’s not different to having scheduled time to do business development, prospecting or meetings. Make it important, plan it effectively and you will stand a much better chance of success.

2) You can’t please everyone – Not everyone is going to like your content. There will be times where some content won’t get as many likes or shares as others. Don’t take it personally! Equally there are (and will always be) people that will write negative comments on your content. In my view everyone is entitled to their opinion, whilst I don’t agree that you should post negative comments online my focus is on sharing content that at least some people will benefit from.

3) Don’t be afraid to ask for help – Whether it’s help designing a logo, building a website or sharing content, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Business is all about networking, that’s exactly what LinkedIn was built for! Talk to people, network and ask for help when you need it. Before I started The Daily Sales I had never created online content, never designed a logo or ever designed a website!

4) Embrace different technologies or social platforms – After spending a couple of years getting to understand LinkedIn I was very reluctant at first to embrace other social channels like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. LinkedIn did provide a fantastic platform for The Daily Sales to grow but for me to continue growing the brand I needed to start expanding. In reality it doesn’t take long to learn and the more you do it the better you get!

5) It’s about the quality, not quantity – I see plenty of bad content shared around social media and it can be a real turn off. I try my hardest to ensure the meme’s, quotes and blogs that we share on The Daily Sales are good quality, relevant and suitable for our followers. People will follow you if they believe your content will add value to them, if you’re sharing poor content why should or would they follow you?

So there it is, my story of creating The Daily Sales from nothing and turning it into a recognized brand sharing content that reaches millions of people across the world!

What’s next for The Daily Sales?

My ambitions for The Daily Sales are to reach 100,000 followers before the end of 2016,  to start sharing video, podcasts and online articles and to win an award for the content we share. I will continue to commit the time and hard work into creating and sourcing the best content, engaging with our network and always seeking new opportunities to provide the best value to everyone who makes the choice to follow The Daily Sales.

If you work in Sales make sure you follow The Daily Sales for daily sales meme’s, motivating quotes and informative sales blogs.

The Sunday Slay 

Sunday’s are my favourite day to reflect, review and set goals for the following week ✍🏻💙 

Because while most are sitting resting watching TV, I’m busy creating lots of ideas on how to build my empire, and catching up with my wonderful team to set a plan of action for the week. (As well as relaxing and watching a bit of TV!)
A Goal without a plan is just a wish. And success isn’t built on wishes, it’s built on actions that generate results!

LwL X 

Monday Motivation: Making a Million

Like the title? I fancied using a bit of alliteration to spice up my Monday!

As Monday is factually known to be most peoples worst liked day of the week, I thought i’d spread some excitement and motivation across the world, in the form of a great Forbes article posted today…

A great one for you budding female entrepeneurs ~jointhemovement


Article on Jewelry designer and budding entrepeneur Samantha Wills




The daily hustle 

So I’m sitting by the pool of my hotel, taking JuicePlus orders, answering my messages on my phone and speaking to lots of my happy customers. Feeling super blessed at the moment!

Earning while I spend, isn’t this the life? It’s true what they say, All you need is wifi and a dream ❤️

I’m doing well with my new business venture – very exciting times ahead and feeling super positive! 

At this rate I could resort to travelling full time… Hmmm… 

Happy Thursday guys, keep hustling. 
LwL x