Siem Reap nightlife

There’s a Pub Street, oh yes.  

 A whole street dedicated to getting you super drunk. You can also try a crocodile burger from one of the restaurants here too!

Here were my favourite 2 bars..

Angkor what? Bar

This is seriously cool. The whole bar is decorated in graffiti and inside its glow in the dark.

  Try the cocktail ‘aspara’s blush’ for $3, it’s strong and slushy and was one of my favourite drinks 

  This place is just passed the exit of Pub Street and it has a great mix of locals and tourists. 

Beers are $1 and strong house vodka is $3.

  Music is like a throwback to the 00’s, its serious cheese and they even have strobe lights. Winning. 

There are also lots of street vendor bars which are super cool if you fancy a rave in the road! 


LwL x 


Koh Samui in the rain

All we’ve done in Koh Samui the past couple of days is witness Thailands tropical thunderstorms at its finest. Our second day consisted of table tennis and pool at our hotel, with the odd run out to get food. To be honest it was perfect as we was all hungover after our 6am Samui turn out the night before. Ark bar was a great shout, and Samuis Ko Sahn Road.

Here’s some pics of the night: 




Yesterday we decided not to let the rain defeat us and went on a 12km walk down the East coast of Samui to find ‘Hinyai and Hintai'(Grandfather and Grandmother rock). Named as this,I assume, simply because one formation looks like a giant penis, and the other like a vagina.


I have to say after trekking for 2 hours the result was quite disppointing.. 

Can you see the vagina?

 On the plus side we see 4 different beaches and lots of boats.

  I got in some good exercise and I feel ok today so I don’t think I caught pneumonia either. Oh and I found another swing.Winning. 

We’ve woke up this morning to sunshine, hurrah! We’ve just arrived at our beach resort in Koh Panghan for Christmas. And it’s beautiful! 

Merry Christmas Eve everyone 

LwL x 

Ice Bar – London

It’s been around for years but it’s still a hotspot. Whether it’s for date night or a night with a big group, Ice bar in Regent Street is great entertainment. glasses This cocktail bar is made completely from of Swedish river ice, and the -5 degree temperature ensures that the den stay frozen. Even the cocktail glasses are made of made of pure frozen water! To ensure the warmth of all those who enter, a hooded ‘designer thermal cape’ and gloves must be worn, creating a room full of super fashionable Eskimos.    

  eskimos                                             meicebar

ICEBAR is operated in 40 minute time slots to ensure your safety (after all, no one wants hypothermia).

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Street feast, ‘Londons nomadic street feast circus’ brought us the brand new ‘Dinerama’ earlier this summer – an old car park in Shoreditch transformed into a day and night market featuring 15 different food vendors, six bars and space for up to 1,000 people.


The 1,600 sqm pop up yard started earlier this year and was closed prematurely after a large fire destroyed the majority of the site on July 19th. We thought we’d missed out on a chance to participate in the fun and spent many a nights crying ourselves to sleep.

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Moroccan Sky Riad

Yes its true, the shape is questionable and it coincidentally looks a bit like an adult sex toy for the BFG, but The Gherkin in London is not only an iconic piece of architecture, it is also home to a VIP restaurant.

Searcys The Gherkin

‘Searcys’ is the restaurant of sky high indulgence with panoramic views of the entire city on the 40th floor. Granted, it’s a bit of a secret, as the Sky lounge comes with a strict members only policy. However, it has opened its doors to Joe Bloggs and pals for the first time ever this summer and everyone is welcome!

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