Travelling Thailand: December video

Hi guys,

I’ll be posting about our past few days in Pai tonight; great places to eat, a few photos of our trips and also about our massive change of plans due to me having food poisoning the past few days!

In the meantime I thought I’d share a video that I’ve made of my December in Thailand. 

Please take the time to click on the pic below and watch if you can, I’d appreciate any feedback as I’m going to make one each month i’m travelling. 

Places I travelled in December (in order) were:

Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Krabi/Railay, Koh Samui, Koh Panghan, Koh Tao. 

I hope you like it!

LwL x 

5 things to do on a night in Bangkok

I spent my second time in this city for the past day and a half. Although its one of my least favourite places I’ve visited in Thailand, I admire it and I will never forget the first night i walked in to Ko San Road. Culture shock city.  

When travelling across Thailand it’s very likely that you’ll see Bangkok more than once, as it is a main hub to travel North to South (We’ve just arrived in Chiang Mai). 

After spending a total of four nights there between two trips, I have come up with 5 things that I would recommend to do on a night in Bangkok. 


1. Buy friendship bands

If you’re with a group this is a must, or if you want to take small presents home. Many stalls do 25 baht each or 5 for 100 on bracelets and different necklaces. I am yet to see anywhere cheaper than that. I grabbed 5 of these for my friends back home, they don’t take up hardly any space in my bag either. Winning. 

2. Get a Thai massage

I spent a whole month in the South of Thailand and no where is cheaper for a massage or for shopping than Bangkok. A 1/2 hour shoulder, back and neck massage is just 3 English pound. (I have a further post to come on my Thai massage experience)
3. Grab a bucket (or 2, or 3) on the street

Street vendors off of Koh San road are much cheaper, you can get a bucket of rum, Coke and red bull for just 150/200 baht. If you want to take a stroll with a drink down the strip, this is the way to do it. Bars can charge as much as 350 baht a bucket. 

 4. Eat the street food

40 baht for a chicken pad Thai made fresh in front of your eyes? Yes please. Not only are the vendors 3x cheaper than going in a restaurant, the food tastes twice as tasty! 

  5. Beetle on a stick? 

Bear Grylls eat your heart out. There are many a stalls that serve some lovely insect treats! With a varied range for you to choose from, including small maggots and scarily oversized cockroaches, I’m sure you’ll find something that ticked your fancy. 

I have to admit, I’m a scaredy cat and failed to have one of these but the boys did. Go for it if you’re brave enough. 

Any other recommendations for Bangkok? Feel free to share below!

LwL x 

A dragon and a tropical thunderstorm 

I have no wifi in our new cool hut were staying in in Kanchanburi. But lots of stuff to come. 

Thursday was our last day and night in Bangkok. We’d done lots of the tourist attractions already so we decided to have a wander and see where we end up.
We was talked into a river cruise which included a view of Wat Pho temple amongst other things so we thought why not?
After bahtering down from 1000 to 700 each, off we went. 

 We even see (what I think was) a Kimodo Dragon just chilling on the side.. I’d only ever seen one enclosed in a zoo before so seeing a wild one was amazing. 

Cruising through the shanti towns was a real reflection and culture off the lifestyle in the land of smiles and it really hit home. A small house was for sale for 100,000baht. Just over £1800. Someone’s whole life is worth that it’s crazy. Especially when you pay at least 200,000 for a 1 bedroom flat in london, and I’ve save up 8x more than that in a year to travel the world. 

 This is exactly the reason I wanted to travel in the first place, to make my mind richer and really appreciate what I have. I am surrounded by such wonderful people that have a fraction of what most of us westerners do yet all I do is moan! So I am really going to try to stop on my return, though I think it’ll be hard ha.

I had a pretty chilled night as we had to catch a 7am bus to a fun packed day in Kanchanburi. I decided to take a walk through Koh San Road market and grab some rehydration salts from the pharmacy. I’ve unfortunately been feeling a bit crappy since I arrived, probably due to the change in climate etc. I also purchased these lovely elephant shorts..

Do you like them?
On my way home I was caught in a huge tropical rainstorm and ducked for cover. I was stranded under a small roof for about 20 minutes before taking the plunge and running just over the road to maximise my time and get a Chicken Yellow Curry – it was so good! It also made sense not to walk home super wet and make myself more I’ll. 

I wonder how long it will take me to become sick of rice and noodles? We’ll see ha
LwL x 

Bangkok Sightseeing: All Things Gold. 

First (and third) tuk tuk stop

The Giant Buddha

The 32-meter (100-foot) tall standing Buddha of Wat Indrawiharn used to be visible from just about any high vantage point around the old city. Now it’s hidden behind the new buildings from Thailand’s boom years of the 1980s and 90s.

 On route, a tropical rainstorm struck and when we got to the giant Buddha we could barely see it, let alone ourselves, so we got back into the tuk tuk (still getting very wet but hey it’s all part of the experience) and headed to the official government information centre. We was going to go home but our driver Sarpong told us that he gets a free meal if he takes us so of course we decided to go.

Government Information Centre

Now this is a place I would highly recommend for some information. We actually ended up booking the whole next month of our trip here. Covering all islands, travel and activities all the way up to Christmas where we’ll be in Koh Panghan. It was great and they were so helpful!   

The rain had finally stopped so back to the Golden Buddha we went..



Last but not least we headed to my favourite of the day..
The Gold Mount (Wat Saket)

Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan(Thai: วัดสระเกศราชวรมหาวิหาร, usually shortened to Wat Saket (rtgs: Wat Sa Ket)) is a Buddhist temple (Wat) in Pom Prap Sattru Phai district, Bangkok, Thailand.

  344 steps to reach the top and a cost of 20 baht – well worth the 40p!

  The temple dates back to the Ayutthaya era, when it was known as Wat Sakae. When Bangkok became the capital, King Rama I renovated the temple and gave it its present name.



Three different Kings were involved in the completion of this structure overall, making it the most important landmark in the whole of Thailand. 

Have you been Bangkok before? What was your favourite landmark?

LwL x 

Bangkok Sightseeing: Temples & Tuk Tuks

To be honest I’ve heard from many that you only need 2 nights in Bangkok. Today is my 2nd full day here after 2 nights and I agree. I am staying here another night with my friends as we will now be doing the month together, but here’s what we got up to yesterday..

After breakfast, a nice Canadian man in the travel shop told us to head to the Gold Mount for some sightseeing. It was already 12pm and we decided to save the floating markets until we head to Kachanaburi. 

Off we went, following the given directions and stumbled upon this beautiful temple on route.


The detail that goes into these are nothing short of amazing. The place is so peaceful. Apparently the Princess visited yesterday too! 

We learnt that this week is the Kings Birthday so there are lots of festivals/celebrations happening around Bangkok.

Unfortunately I wasn’t prepared or covered up for the temple as I wasn’t expecting to go there. Thankfully the very nice man at the front provided me with some coverage (which is why in some pics I have serious pattern colour clash). Like here..


I can see a storm brewing in those clouds..

   We made a wish.. 

 On our exit, the Temple host gave us lots of information on where to go and what to do for the day. He was so helpful that he even flagged down a government registered tuk tuk for us to take us around. 

5 of us squeezed in.. The journeys werent comfortable but they were definitely lots of fun.



 The first stop was the Giant Buddha which I’ll write about in my next post 😊

LwL x 

A night in Koh San Road

1 crazy road, hundreds of cheap shops, rows of bars and restaurant and unbelievable street food!

I thought it may be best to sum this up in pictures… 

Scorpion and cricket tasting, yum. I’m yet to pluck up the courage. 

Street food here is amazing though and its twice as tasty as restaurants, and half the price! My chicken pad Thai was 50 baht (approx. 90p)

My friend Nathan ended up eating 5..


We made some new friends, they were lovely.

Buckets of Samson whiskey and mixer was 200 baht – I think it’s fair to say I was quite drunk by 2am when we got home.

Today we have been doing lots of touristy things like temples and landmarks – I’ll post this tomorrow 😊



The roads of Bangkok

After what feels like a day travelling (well it pretty much is when you add the +7 hours time zone) we finally arrived in Koh San Road – home for the next few days. 
As I travelled with 4 of my friends from London we decided to get a minibus to our destination, Sawasdee House. We prebooked the hostel for £10 per night (for 2 people). Unfortunately I had to pay double as there is only one of me, but hey it’s still cheap. I am here for 2 nights.

The journey from Suvarnabhumi airport took 90 minutes. Everyone told me that this would be a culture shock, and I get what they mean, but I love the crazy buzz. 

   I can’t say I’m a fan of how cars play chicken on the road though. Red lights don’t seem to mean much here! I think it’s just a tactic of who can get through cars the quickest. There are soooo many people driving motorbikes, and I can understand why as the traffic is insane and you would never get anywhere otherwise! 
There’s not many zebra crossings either. You play with your life each time you cross but I guess that’s part of the fun! I had an amazing first night here and I’ll post about Koh San road and put up some pics soon 


My South East Asia Travel Route!

Now I know that travelling is all about ‘being a free spirit’ and going with the flow, but I am a planner, through and through. I like to get things organized and know that the wheels are in motion. I have therefore, (much to every free spirited travelers dissatisfaction) compiled a very structured plan of my 3-4 month travelling experience. This is likely to change frequently, the number of days in each place will vary, I may not do all the activities and any feedback/recommendations I receive may change my mind, but I’ve based this around much of the advice/tips on travelling websites and blog posts I have researched over the past couple of months. Please take into account that most of these bullet points are not my own and have been taken from sources listed at the bottom of this post. Please feel free to correct/change/offer any alternatives or advice on the below recommend any places to add/avoid. I’m as open as a book.

London to Bangkok on 30TH NOVEMBER arriving in the evening.

BANGKOK (2 Nights)

  • Visit to Wat Po Temple, Khoa San Road which is popular traveler hub full of roadside pop up bars, restaurants, food vendors, shopping and awesome nightclubs.


  • Immerse in the culture and history of Thailand.
  • Ethical Elephant Experience, visit to Erawan National Park beautiful Waterfalls and a visit to the Bridge over the River Kwai that had a huge historical impact in World War 2.

PHUKET (2 Nights)

  • Largest island of Thailand with gorgeous beaches, a buzzing nightlife & no shortage of things to do.

KOH PHI PHI (4 Nights)

  • Views to die for, awesome restaurants, beach bars, and beautiful tanned people.
  • “The Beach” was filmed here

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