The lowdown on a Bohol day tour 

We only had a day/night in Bohol and we had lots we wanted to see so a tour seemed like the best option for us.
Most tour shops close at 6pm so if you get to Tagbilaran late, you are limited with choice. Head to the Sealine travel shop in the shopping mall, East of rival park and they are open later. The travel shop is on the first floor, next to the big sports shop.

(You can also book your boat tickets to Cebu city next door like we did for the following day; kill two birds with one stone – winning!)

In the travel shop you can book on organised tours ranging from 1000-1500php per person.  This includes additional places like the Butterfly park, man made forests and zip lining. They also provide lunch for you.

The price of your tour is dependant on the number of passengers (the more of you there is the cheaper it gets).
In the end, we opted for hiring a private car for the day as it worked out cheaper, and we had the freedom to choose the places we wanted to go. Our driver also dropped us back to get our bags at the end of the day and straight to the pier to get the ferry back to Cebu, all for just 1500 PHP!
On our tour we visited the Tarsier Sanctuary and the Loboc river.

We also headed to the Loboc floating restaurant as recommended by our driver. We were actually unaware that this was a package lunch and river cruise. Unfortunately we ate just before we headed off so we weren’t hungry enough to take advantage of this.

It did however, look like the cruise wouldve been a lovely experience and it only costs 250 PHP per person for lunch. Please let me know how what it’s like if you go and experience this!

In the afternoon we headed to the Chocolate Hills which is furthest out. (All posts on these to come!)


Chiang Mai: The Elephant Experience 

Yesterday we booked ourselves on to a half day your to an elephant sanctuary where we can feed, play and bathe the elephants. I’ve heard from many people that Chiang Mai is the best place to do this so I followed it up, as I didn’t find our previous visit to an Elephant Camp extremely satisfying. 

Everyone was right. I enjoyed this so much more than the camp we went to in Kanchanaburi. It was a lot more ethical. First and most importantly the trainers didn’t use sharp sticks to poke the elephants!

When we arrived, our lovely Guide for the day, Si, taught us some Thai language to use when riding our designated elephant, Johnny. To be honest, originally I weren’t sure about riding as I heard it’s not good for the elephants, but apparently that’s only when chairs are used on their back, and not when you ride freely?? 

  Johnny was little , cute and only five years old but he could already follow commands. 

We rode him for a little bit, fed him and then took him for a bath in the lake, it was so much fun! 

There are so many different elephant homes available in Chiang Mai that it can be quite difficult to choose. We decided to do a half day package which was 1500 baht each (around £30). Full days are around 2400 baht. 

I’ve heard good things about Hug Elephants and Woodies, but to be honest I think they’re all pretty much the same, just make sure you go for a sanctuary and not a camp! 

Feel free to add your Chiang Mai recommendations below! 

LwL x 

Riding & Rafting: a day in the river

Our second day in Kanchanburi was another packed day of activities. I haven’t even been travelling a week and we’ve done so much! The day started with a breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast and off we set to the Elephant camp. 

I have to say, riding, washing and feeding the elephants was absolutely amazing, but I wasn’t a fan of the elephant show we watched when we got there. Have you ever seen the film Water for Elephants? It reminded me of that a bit. 

These beautiful animals have tough enough skin for people on their backs but I don’t believe they should be prodded and poked into performing tricks for people as it isn’t natural.

After the show we took them down to the water where we all played together. It was lovely. They are such gentle wonderful creatures, playfully blowing trunks of water at us and lifting us up in the air. 

It was a memorable experience with my friends that I won’t forget, however, if you come to Asia I would recommend that you go to a Sanctuary over a camp as it is more ethical and the elephants roam more freely. I’ve heard there is a great one in Chang Mai, which I plan to go to in January so keep an eye out for that post. 

Bamboo Rafting

After this we were driven back to Kitti Raft to spend the early afternoon bamboo rafting.

What a great experience! The river current here is so strong that the raft moves freely down the river with no engine. The boats are made of bamboo, ropes and plastic barrels.

 They reminded me of being back in school when we used to go on field trips to places like Gorsefield and Stubbers. As part of the ‘team bonding’ exercises we would be given the same material and was instructed to build a raft. I have to say, these were built a lot better and stronger than the ones I ever attempted ha. 

We also jumped off for some fun in the water, and had life jackets so that we could float along next to the boat as we went downstream. We floated all the way to the place we stopped for lunch. 
Some Yummy Pad Thai (I’m not sick of it yet!)

LwL x 

Sunday Jazz Lunch at Shaka Zulu

This extravagant restaurant, bar and club in Camden Market pays homage to the nineteenth-century reign of the King of the Zulus, Shaka. Boasting 3D wall carvings, warrior king statues, intricate murals and water features, from the moment you step in its like walking into Africa. The spacious establishment is decorated from head to toe, down to the detail of the engraved chairs, making the atmosphere and experience truly magical.


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3 things I learnt last week..

1. My childhood was a lie
 After watching Wicked the Musical last week (finally after desperately wanting to for about 4 years) I realised that The Wizard of Oz is a horrible misconception of life and evil and the Wicked witch in the film was never actually Wicked at all.

Coming to terms with the fact that my whole childhood has been based on a lie has been hard **tears stream down face** . On the plus side I was in a really good seat and got to see everything up close.

The actual story itself is very creative and clever. The main performances by Emma Hatton and Savannah Stevenson were amazing. Their singing is another level of impressive!

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