You are what you eat..

I’ve always wondered what that actually meant. Sounds a bit strange doesnt it?

It’s not until I have gotten older and cared more about what I look and feel like that I finally understand what this phrase means!

Your body, emotions, health, fitness and appearance are literally a bi-product of what you eat.

Eat crap = feel crap. Simple

That’s why I’ve joint JuicePlus. To help lose some weight but most importantly, to make a healthy lifestyle change..

Whether it be the shakes, boosters, capsules or all of it at once I can help you make a positive change in your life.  Lets live a better quality of life.

Here’s all the products available. For me info comment below or drop me an email at





Living with Arthur

Arthur can be very aggressive, when his angry he inflicts lots of pain
On lucky days I can avoid him
But eventually he torments again

At 19, Arthur forced me to cut off my hair
and he caused me unbelievable stress
He sometimes limits me from exercise too
so I struggle to look my best

He has made me feel tired and frustrated
heartbroken and very alone
He steals all of my energy and some days
its too much effort to even leave my home

I get support from my family and friends
but theyll never fully know
How it feels to live with someone you despise
but someone you cannot let go

Some days I wake up with new hope
And some days I wake up with none
Sometimes I know I’ll have a terrible day
before the day has even begun

I often try to set goals for myself
but Arthur gets in the way
Even the simplest of tasks are hard
when his there to ruin my day

I often wonder and think to myself
Why was it me he chose to be with?
Then I remember not to take pity on myself
As there are far worse lives I could live

Happy 5th Anniversary to us Arthur,
were finally learning to get along.
I’m stuck with you but at least I’m fighting back
You taught me that to succeed in life you must be strong.

An insight into chronic illness from yours truly

LwL x

Joining the Revolution

Ok so everyone goes on about how you have to travel, it’s the best thing you’ll ever do etc. And of course now I’ve done it I totally agree! Travelling makes you richer in mind and spirit, BUT I’m writing this post to tell you what else it makes you..
Travelling makes you FAT.

That’s right, this whole ‘oh you’ll get so skinny travelling’ ‘you’ll sweat out all the fat’ ‘you’ll do lots of walking’ bla bla bla. All lies.
So here are my reasons to back up my extra stone of weight I’ve put on in the last 4 months.

1.Beer is cheaper than water in most of Asia. 

With beers at 50 cents in many a places and the lower calorie vodka and tonic option clocking in around $4 a piece, it’s a no brainer which one you’ll choose.

Drunk = 4 vodkas = $16

Drunk = 8 beers = $4


2. You eat street food at least 5 times a day

Were here to blend in and live like a local right? Part of that is experimenting the cuisine, and street food is the best way to do it. Dishes are 3x cheaper than restaurants but they’re also smaller and make you want to eat more often. Everything is also fried and 8/10 of them include rice or noodles. I can’t imagine any of that benefiting your waistline.

3. Exercise smexercise 

Get used to it, the main sport you’ll be playing is beer pong.

Not everyone is nuts like me and wants to trek 10km for no reason, especially when you’re hungover.

Tuk Tuk journeys are $2 or less, making the lazier option a lot more popular.

So enough talking, what’s all this joining the revolution about? 

In a bid to get sexy I’ve joined juice plus! So over the next few weeks expect posts of me and my shakes and lots of healthy recipes to follow.

If you want to know more info about this healthy living formula (it’s not a fad diet!) And join me in my bid to #getsexy, email me at for a lowdown of how it all works.

Nike unveils England’s new kit at Wembley


Its official, the New England football kit is here!

IMG_9970Last week at Wembley Stadium, American brand Nike unveiled the new home and away kits that our England stars will be donning for the Euros 2016.

The Press Launch included an array of activities on the night including a Q and A panel hosted by RinseFM. The panel, made up of England and Manchester City stars Steph Houghton (Team Captain), Toni Duggan (Winger/Forward), Joe Hart (Goalkeeper) and Physio Steve Kemp, covered the importance of on and off pitch training and heavily focused on the topics of nutrition and recovery.
 ‘Gone are the days where you get to the ground and have to do 60 laps on the pitch’ Tony answers, when asked if running is implemented in training. Instead, the whole panel confessed that Yoga is a popular activity amongst the players; a vital part of the recovery process that benefits both the body and mind.Yet your mats out everyone!

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Scubadiving in Koh Tao

After 4 days of dives, mask clears, emergency ascents, decompression tables , homework and the risk of being attacked by triggerfish; myself and Liam are finally Open Water qualified!

Minus New Year’s Day off, its been pretty intense. 

On our first full day we crammed in 6 hours of scuba diving skills in a swimming pool, with an intense afternoon session of theory ending with an exam.

en route to the Pier

On the 2nd and 3rd January we completed two amazing yet exhausting dives each day. Our final day was a 6am start. I cannot even remember the last time I got up that early. Ever. In my life. On the plus side we got to see the sunrise over the mountains. 


It was well worth it to see the beauty of the underwater world. Unfortunately you are not allowed underwater cameras while you train which makes sense as learning is your priority, so most of our pictures are preparing on  the boat. 




Scuba Selfie

We were also given dive logs to record all of our info and all of the fish that we see.
If you are ever planning on diving in Koh Tao I would highly recommend Roctopus. It was a smooth course from start to finish. Our instructor Matt had years of experience which made me feel safe. He had so much patience! (I don’t think I could ever be a teacher). Our group also had a Dive Master Trainer on hand called Max, and upbeat, funny character from the Netherlands who was there to help us too. 

Liam & Max

The whole team are cool, fun, a good laugh and great people to develop and learn with. 

We are now qualified up to 18 metres and would definitely recommend an Open Water course to anyone! 

I can’t wait to dive in Koh Rong, Bali and wherever else we can on this travelling trip! 

LwL x 

Travel Prep: Insurance & anti-malarias

‘Travelling is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer’ I bloody hope so. My travelling trip has cost me nearly £1000 so far and I haven’t even arrived yet!
I’ve done a bit of research over the past week Insurance & malaria prevention tablets. Here are two of the cheapest things I’ve found and decided to go with in the market (if you have found something cheaper feel very free to correct me).

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Lunch: Chicken & Egg Salad

One of the main downsides of working in the city or the West End of London is definitely the extortionate food prices. I mean £6 for a salad really? Don’t get me wrong it is all about quality and freshness, but for a few green leaves and some special healthy beans it’s a bit ridiculous.

I try to prep lunches the night before sometimes to save the pennies, here’s one I made for today..

Chicken and egg saladIMG_4176.JPG

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A Spa weekend at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel

Happy Monday to all!

I’m feeling refreshed after a lovely weekend at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel, one of the QHotel chains that have 24 different hotels across the UK.

The hotel is located a few miles from Chatham and Rochester train stations (which was perfect as I dont drive) and is also easily accessible by car. Its rated a very well deserved 4 star, although personally I would rate it 5. Continue reading “A Spa weekend at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel”

Simple Saturday Recipe: Veggie Omelette

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Never skip it as your metabolism doesn’t start properly until you eat in the morning.

Here’s a veggie omelette I whipped up this morning. Super healthy and a great start to the day. It takes about 10-15 minutes in total, depending on how much of an expert chopper you are.. Continue reading “Simple Saturday Recipe: Veggie Omelette”

National Stress Awareness Day: 5 ways to de-stress

stress free

In aid of National Stress Awareness day, I have decided to share a few ways that I try to de-stress and remain level headed in my hectic life and sometimes highly demanding day job Continue reading “National Stress Awareness Day: 5 ways to de-stress”