Life Coaching

Hi all,

apologies for disappearing for a while! What with my recent holiday, playing catch up with work and also with my healthy living business I’ve been super busy.

To top that off I’ve spent the last 2 days at The Coaching Academy on a introduction to Life Coaching course!


ive learnt so much over the weekend on how to coach, different coaching styles and some key tools I need to developing people moving forward. I’m now contemplating working towards a diploma into becoming a life coach!

What do you all think? Do you think I have what it takes? Lol

Or Any coaches out there that would recommend this as a career?

questions, questions..


6 thoughts on “Life Coaching

  1. Hi! I’m a Life Coach and can say that this is surely a very fulfilling career. There is nothing compared to the feeling of seeing someone achieve their goals and even better if you have been a part of that journey. I would say go for it. It totally changed my life.

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  2. Hello Lauren,

    Also being a fresh life coach, your questions definitely resonate with me. I would encourage you to continue your journey because I believe it will be life changing for you to see the transformation happening in you and others you encounter. I believe life coaching is a basic substance of human life and we are just recently discovering it, thanks to it becoming a growing business.

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