Cebu: Where we stayed (Cebu Budget) Tropical Hostel

Tropical Hostel is located South of Cebu  and is a short distance from lots of top attractions and just minutes from one of the biggest shopping malls in Cebu.  
This was the second time we stayed in Cebu. The first time we we stayed there we opted for a hotel in ‘Cebu City’. Just to let you know, there isn’t actually anything really in the city, so staying in the south will be your best option. 

The receptionist at the front desk of Tropical is so lovely and helpful. Dominic provided us with a map of the city and an A4 sheet with the city’s top attractions on and directions of how to get there. 

In your room you also get a guide for day trips, boats and transport times which is really useful.

The rooms are clean and simple, the bed is comfy and the wifi works!
A double room is only £15 per night and they also have dorm rooms available. Don’t forget that they add on 12% tax everywhere in the Philippines! 

Quick tip if you book here: many taxi drivers have no idea where ‘tropical hostel’ is.  We learnt this while searching for it for at least an hour; just be sure to call it Cebu Budget and not tropical!

LwL X 

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