Happy #NationalTeaDay!!

Did you know its national tea day today?

Yep, there’s a whole day dedicated to Britain’s national drink; and so there should be!

Tea solves world problems, brings people together and gets people through their daily life. Just ask my parents, they have at least 8 cups daily.

Stressful day?..Grab a brew

Had some bad news?.. I’ll put the kettle on

Busy at work? ..Make a Rosie Lee

Losing weight? ..Have a detox remedy

Feeling cold?..Warm up with a Cuppa

Fancy Lunch? ..How about an afternoon tea?

I’m a lover of all things tea I have to say, and I’m definitely a Twining’s girl! Here are my top teas leading up to my all time fav.

cranbNo 4. Cranberry Green Tea

I like green tea for detoxing but I find that it has a bit of a strange taste. The cranberry version adds a bit of a twang making it nicer to drink.

peachiceNo. 3 Peach Ice Tea

Granted I only ever seem to have come across this while travelling in Asia but I was addicted. Give me a glass filled with Ice and a Lipton in the sun and I’m all yours!

earlgreyNo. 2 Earl Grey Tea

This is ones perfect for those winter nights. Earl Grey is just like English Breakfast tea with a slightly more acquired taste. My special brew is a great representation of myself..strong, milky and sweet haha.

lemontea   No.1 Lemon & Ginger tea with a spoonful of honey

My no. 1 has to be this lovely concoction!

I have this every morning to kick start my metabolism for the day. This tea has lots of health benefits including reducing cholesterol thanks to the ginger and lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C.

What’s your favourite teas?


LwL x

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