Oh you Greedy Cow!

Isn’t it tough when you’re in a big group and everyone wants a different cuisine? I hate that. You can never decide where to go! 

But fear not my fellow food junkies, I’m going to tell you about one of my favourite restaurants, so that you never have to worry again! (I’m nice like that).

Have you ever seen Mile End tube station on the central line? Pop outside and head opposite for the creative foodie genius that is Greedy Cow. 

It’s a restaurant home to a delightful and experimental array of tasty treats. Here you will find nearly 10 different cuisines in one restaurant to play with, all for a reasonable price. 
They have everything from Mexican to Japanese; and all strategically placed inside a big gourmet burger!
There’s Wagyu beef and chicken options, and for the adventurous souls in the blogosphere, there’s an ‘exotic burgers’ section too. You can indulge on a wild boar or smack your lips around the meat of a camel. 
Not a fan of burgers? Theres a salad and mains section too, covering your typical Ceasar’s, classic steaks and there’s even a corn fed chicken dish. 

In the unlikely event that you still have room for dessert, do yourself a favour and grab yourself a banoffee pie. Possibly one of the best I’ve ever tasted! 
The food is delicious and the staff are wonderful, which is why this small place is so popular. If you head there on a weekend, it’s likely you’ll be waiting a while for a table. Don’t worry though it’ll be worth it. 

LwL x 

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