Living with Arthur

Arthur can be very aggressive, when his angry he inflicts lots of pain
On lucky days I can avoid him
But eventually he torments again

At 19, Arthur forced me to cut off my hair
and he caused me unbelievable stress
He sometimes limits me from exercise too
so I struggle to look my best

He has made me feel tired and frustrated
heartbroken and very alone
He steals all of my energy and some days
its too much effort to even leave my home

I get support from my family and friends
but theyll never fully know
How it feels to live with someone you despise
but someone you cannot let go

Some days I wake up with new hope
And some days I wake up with none
Sometimes I know I’ll have a terrible day
before the day has even begun

I often try to set goals for myself
but Arthur gets in the way
Even the simplest of tasks are hard
when his there to ruin my day

I often wonder and think to myself
Why was it me he chose to be with?
Then I remember not to take pity on myself
As there are far worse lives I could live

Happy 5th Anniversary to us Arthur,
were finally learning to get along.
I’m stuck with you but at least I’m fighting back
You taught me that to succeed in life you must be strong.

An insight into chronic illness from yours truly

LwL x

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