The best at Bottomless Brunchin’

For one of my many birthday celebrations, myself and a big group of lovely ladies headed to One Canada Square in Canary Wharf for a bottomless brunch.

Now I have been to many a brunches. The idea of being able to fit as much drink as you can into two hours is very appealing to me haha.

I’ve been to One Canada Square twice now and it’s definitely top of my list overall.

Here’s 5 reasons why I love it..

1. Your glass is never empty 

Believe it or not, although many brunches deem themselves ‘bottomless’, this isn’t always the case. Some places will only serve you your drink while your eating (like at the South Place hotel).

At OCS you can have a Bloody Mary, mimosa, wine or prosecco and as soon as the glass is half full your waiter comes round and tops you up.

2. The food is amazing!

There’s a great selection of food over 3 courses and a 2 or 3 course option.

I had a leek and sweet potato rosti to start and a haddock fish cake in a beautiful spinach sauce for mains.

Ok i confess i also had a sticky toffee pudding to finish (covers eyes in shame).

3. It’s the only place that would let me book for over 12 people

A lot of places seem to discriminate against people with lots of friends/a big family. I called up 3 different brunch spots and they all refused to take a booking over 12. Not cool! OCS have no limitations on people, but they do have a no show charge so be sure everyone is coming.

4. It’s one of the cheapest

Considering the quality of service and food, this place is actually one of the cheapest I’ve come across for brunch. A 2 course meal for £20 or 3 courses for £25, and an optional unlimited drink is £20 on top.

Some places like Bunga Bunga in the West End, adds £20 on per person even if your not drinking!

5. They now do ‘After dark’ brunches 

If you think that lunchtime is too early to start drinking, every Saturday, OCS has brunch after dark from 6pm onwards. Entertainment includes a dj and singer.

I’ll definitely be heading there again sometime soon, and i’ll be sure to post about our after dark experience!

LwL x

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