Border crossing: Vietnam to Cambodia

..on the Danh Danh Express. 

I heard a lot of horror stories about border crossing. More specifically of the one from Laos to Vietnam but luckily due to flying we skipped that one. 
I am happy to say we had an easy and pleasant experience on the Danh Danh Express Luxury bus, crossing from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh. 

  These buses are specifically laid out to be more spacious and comfortable for their passengers.  

This means that the bus has less seats to accommodate less people, but only charge $2 more for the luxury! Normal buses are $11, this was $13.

 It was a 6.5 hour trip all in all.

The seats were comfortable and wide. (Liam could fit his knees in front of him without squashing them against the front seat!)

Each seat came equipped with a front pocket and a reclining back rest and footrest.



For the first time in my whole Asia experience, the wifi was good enough to use the Internet properly. I spent this time very productively applying for lots of jobs for my return! 
The driver was so lovely, helpful and friendly. Yes they do exist in Vietnam contrary to our ‘Camel Tour’ experience.

The visa process was so easy! $30 for your visa but you pay $35 and the driver fills everything out for you. The only thing you have to do is get off the bus twice; once to exit Vietnam and once to enter Cambodia. Both easy, quick and stress free.

I couldn’t recommend this bus highly enough! I’ve heard that other buses make you cart all your luggage on and off through checkpoints etc. which doesn’t sound at all appealing to me. We did none of this so that alone is well worth the extra 2 dollars!

Overall our experience of this was easy and hassle free. A great way to end our Vietnam experience!

Have you done this border crossing? How was your experience?

LwL x

One thought on “Border crossing: Vietnam to Cambodia

  1. Hi Lauren,
    I just did the same border crossing with Danh Danh and I’m using the on board WiFi as we speak. Which is great though it only work after you are in Cambodia and it’s the most part of the journey do that’s fine. But we had a nightmare at the border control because my partner from Germany insists that he wants to do the visa himself and the tour company is not happy with it. The guy from Danh Danh was very rude to us and not helpful at all! The bus left us at the border because they can’t wait for my partner to do the Visa. The visa isn’t the most time consuming thing, there’s also finger print checks and other border stuff. They didn’t inform us what is going to happen at the border and clueless us made a scene there and obviously they’re not happy with it. Glad to know you’re fine but we believe it’s better to come into a country legally rather than just paying them and not knowing what you have missed. This serves as a reminder to future readers hopefully to shed some light. Cheers!


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