Cycling through Siem Reap

On our last full day in Siem Reap we cycled over 20km around the city. Yes really, my bum was hurting for days!

Well technically we cycled to and back from the Bayon Temple, not really ‘around’, but we see some lovely scenery along the way. 

The good news is you pass Angkor Wat to get there. There’s also around 10 other temples and ruins to see just past Bayon so we really made a day of it.
I’d definitely recommend the cycling option. It’s too far to walk and there’s always the tuk tuk option but it’s nicer to be on your own time schedule. It’s also good exercise!

  Bikes are also only $1.5 to rent, or $3 if you prefer mountain bikes like us. 

 Paying to see the attractions

What no one seems to tell you in other posts, and what I haven’t seen on websites, (though it may be advertised and I’ve missed it?) is that a ‘1 day pass’ costs $20! This is an entrance fee you pay to get in the grounds. This does cover all the temples and area but Liam and I was still both surprised and slightly annoyed by this.

We have a £20 each per day budget (though we’ve exceeded this most days in Cambodia) and this entrance would cost almost 3/4 of our daily allowance. 

Reluctantly we paid. After all, Angkor Wat is the biggest religious grounds in the world so I felt that I needed to see it. 

We had some amazing views and took a fair few selfies along the way.

So here are a few pictures…

Angkor Wat 


Bayon Temple






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