A day trip to Ha Long Bay

After much consideration, looking at both the ‘castaway 3 day tour’ and a day trip, we decided on a day trip to Ha Long Bay; purely because of North Vietnam January weather (It’s been cloudy with averages of 19-20c the last few days.)

It’s a shame as the castaway tour looks amazing, (I’ll explain more about this in a later post) but spending 3 days on a beach with crappy weather can be quite boring. 

We booked our day trip at a travel agent in the Old quarter. We paid a bit more than your average rate as the tour guide told us that you get longer on the islands than you do on other tours. (We paid $42 the average is $33)

It was jam packed with activities, starting with an 8am pick up from the hotel and a 3 and a half hour journey to Ha Long Bay pier. 
We stopped along the way to break up the journey at a Production factory for the disabled: 

 We arrived around lunchtime and on to the boat we went to enjoy some lunch as we headed off. 
The scenery along the way left us speechless. Hundreds of various shaped islands.




 Our first stop was the fishing village where we had the option to Kayak or travel around the islands by bamboo boat. Naturally being the control freak that I am, we decided on kayaking so that we could choose where to go. 



 The scenery was unbelievable, even though it was cloudy. 







 I can see why Ha Long Bay is a world heritage site. 

On the way to our next stop we passed ‘fighting chicken island’ this is 2 rocks in the sea that the Vietnamese believe to look like a cockerel and a chicken about to fight eachother.. What do you think?
Our last stop: the heavenly palace cave. Breathtaking. I have never seen anything quite like it. 

 The cave was discovered in 1993 by fisherman that were trying to find cover from a storm. They followed a monkey into the cave and fell upon this great discovery.

The monkey however, was no where to be seen inside, legend has it that the monkey turned into stone! 

The lighting system was installed in here a few years back and it is now one of the main tourist attractions in North Vietnam.




 After the caves we made the long journey home. We arrived at our hotel around 8:30pm. It was a lovely day overall, I just wish it was a bit sunnier! 



 LwL X 

5 thoughts on “A day trip to Ha Long Bay

  1. I found this post really useful, love your blog too. Currently looking into what tours to do of Halong Bay and you’ve convinced me to just wait and see what the weather is like; hit the nail on the head when you said it would be no fun being on a beach for 3 days with awful weather!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww wicked Vietnam is lovely you’ll have a blast. Hanoi is crazy but lots to do and lots of friends to make. I’d recommend http://www.vietnambackpackerhostels.com it’s the perfect location and an easy way to meet like minded backpackers.
        North is very cold at the moment so hopefully it’ll get warmer by the time you come over.
        You could easily do the whole of Vietnam in 3-4 weeks. We’re in Phong Nha at the moment (in the middle), such an unbelievable place full of so much history about the war etc. I’ll be posting about Hanoi and this place in the next few days when I get some time so keep an eye out šŸ˜Š x


      2. I think that’s definitely where I’ll be staying! It looks like a great place and a good starting point to meet people, hadn’t looked at going to phong nha so thanks for that info, I’ll be keeping an eye out for more posts for sure šŸ™‚ safe travels xxx

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