Touring Pai: Part 2

The following day we headed to Mor Paeng Waterfall and the Chinese Village. 

We decided to get a one way taxi to the waterfall costing 200 baht. The taxi driver explained that taxi’s come up to the waterfalls every so often if we wanted a return, but gave us his number just in case.

Mor Paeng Waterfall

  Mor Paeng Waterfall is beautiful and secluded. The best thing about it was that there were only a few other people there when we arrived around midday, so it was easy to wander around and enjoy the scenery.



 There were a groups of young Thai children jumping in the water and sliding down the rocks having a blast. It was so lovely to watch children playing outside having fun like they should, not like these days in Western countries where every kid is delved into some sort of uncommunicative technology. 


 The waterfall is a bit of a tough and slippery climb but it’s worth wandering up top to see all of it, so just make sure you’re careful! 



 After we had finished we headed to the lovely cafe down the road. There were no taxis to be seen so we had to ring the agency that brought us, we actually waited an hour for him to arrive! It’s lucky that the cafe had wifi and that the lady was very nice and rung the taxi for us. 

Chinese Village 

It cost us 300 baht to return as we wanted to stop off at the Chinese Village. We was only given 25 minutes there by our driver which unfortunately wasn’t enough time. I’d recommend an hour or two here wandering around, looking at the shops etc. and taking in all it has to offer. 


We paid a total of 250 baht each doing it our own way, with the added stress of waiting around for returns and being on a clock at the village. 

You can do tours in Pai for around 500 baht per person for the full day. This includes a number of different attractions and the transport, but you are time bound by the drivers. 

The alternative is to get a moped for the day and drive to places yourself. A lot of people seemed to have this idea at the waterfall. It is easier and cheaper, however I am not a fan of mopeds out here or the way people drive and lack of ‘rules’ on the road. It’s chaos. In my time in Thailand I’ve seen/met over 40 tourists with injuries from driving mopeds including my friend Nathan!

So get one at your own risk and be very responsible and cautious if you do, just do not opt for doing it yourself with no guaranteed transport, you’ll waste a lot of your time and money. 

LwL X 

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