Touring Pai – Part 1

Pai is a small town in Northern Thailand, near the Myanmar border and is a very bumpy 146km ride from Chiang Mai.

There are a number of different attractions in Pai, and if your doing the ‘SE Asia banana route’ it’s worth heading here for a couple of nights before moving West into Laos.

In the two days in Pai we had, before I got food poisoning, we see 4 different attractions that Pai has to offer. There are about 12 or so altogether, most of which are drawn on this map..

Most tour operators in Pai do different day trip and packages that allow you to see multiple of these attractions in just one day/afternoon etc.  

  At first, I thought it was cramming too much in to do a package, so we decided to do the attractions on our own at our own pace.

On the afternoon we arrived, we headed to the World War II Memorial Bridge and then over to the Pai Canyon to watch the sunset. It cost 200 baht in a one way taxi just to get to the bridge. It was then that we realised that organised day trips are much cheaper! 

WWII Memorial Bridge 

The bridge was built during WWII by Thai prisoners of the Japanese Army in order for Japan to invade Burma, which at the time was a British colony. 

   Since then a new accessible bridge has been built alongside for transport. I would be surprised if you need more than 20 minutes here to explore. 

We then walked 1km to the Pai Canyon from memorial bridge. It’s a pretty straight and easy walk but be careful of the cars (there are no pavements in true Thai style, just gaps at the side of the road)

Pai Canyon

  This was my favourite. The Canyon is unreal and you can walk across most of it, at your own risk of course. 






 Both attractions could be done in under 2 hours, but as we got to the canyon at 4.30pm we stayed much longer just to watch the sunset. 

Luckily on this occasion we managed to jump onto a tour taxi heading back to the city centre for 50 baht each. No such luck in part 2.

To be continued..



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