Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

A 15/20 minute walk outside the west of the city centre or a short 5 minute tuk tuk ride away lies Chiang Mai’s Ploen Ruedee Night Bazaar. 

 Thai, Italian, American, French, Mexican, Indian and Japanese cuisine!

There are cocktail stalls, healthy stalls, shakes, pancakes, milkshakes and a band to entertain you while you sit on bundles of hay stuffing your face. Heaven. 





This food court is the mother of all food courts, you have to visit here! 

Beef noodle soup from ‘noodle soup’
Chicken katsu kare from ‘Yummy Curry’

We took full advantage eating 5 different dishes between us!

Lemon red soda

There is also a really cool stall that does fresh soda flavours and unusual mojitos  

Just to the right of the square is where the shopping night bazaar begins.. 

  Rows and rows of elephant print shirts and shorts , paintings, handmade jewellery, souvenirs, copies of DVDs, shoes and trainers, blankets; it’s like a Thai eBay that you don’t have to pay postage and packaging for. 


  The bazaar is open until midnight every night.  

LwL x 

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