Chiang Mai: The Elephant Experience 

Yesterday we booked ourselves on to a half day your to an elephant sanctuary where we can feed, play and bathe the elephants. I’ve heard from many people that Chiang Mai is the best place to do this so I followed it up, as I didn’t find our previous visit to an Elephant Camp extremely satisfying. 

Everyone was right. I enjoyed this so much more than the camp we went to in Kanchanaburi. It was a lot more ethical. First and most importantly the trainers didn’t use sharp sticks to poke the elephants!

When we arrived, our lovely Guide for the day, Si, taught us some Thai language to use when riding our designated elephant, Johnny. To be honest, originally I weren’t sure about riding as I heard it’s not good for the elephants, but apparently that’s only when chairs are used on their back, and not when you ride freely?? 

  Johnny was little , cute and only five years old but he could already follow commands. 

We rode him for a little bit, fed him and then took him for a bath in the lake, it was so much fun! 

There are so many different elephant homes available in Chiang Mai that it can be quite difficult to choose. We decided to do a half day package which was 1500 baht each (around £30). Full days are around 2400 baht. 

I’ve heard good things about Hug Elephants and Woodies, but to be honest I think they’re all pretty much the same, just make sure you go for a sanctuary and not a camp! 

Feel free to add your Chiang Mai recommendations below! 

LwL x 

2 thoughts on “Chiang Mai: The Elephant Experience 

  1. Great that you found one that seems ethical…the idea of poking them is awful…but then it is a fool who persecutes an elephant because one day they will have revenge. Nice pics!

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