Scubadiving in Koh Tao

After 4 days of dives, mask clears, emergency ascents, decompression tables , homework and the risk of being attacked by triggerfish; myself and Liam are finally Open Water qualified!

Minus New Year’s Day off, its been pretty intense. 

On our first full day we crammed in 6 hours of scuba diving skills in a swimming pool, with an intense afternoon session of theory ending with an exam.

en route to the Pier

On the 2nd and 3rd January we completed two amazing yet exhausting dives each day. Our final day was a 6am start. I cannot even remember the last time I got up that early. Ever. In my life. On the plus side we got to see the sunrise over the mountains. 


It was well worth it to see the beauty of the underwater world. Unfortunately you are not allowed underwater cameras while you train which makes sense as learning is your priority, so most of our pictures are preparing on  the boat. 




Scuba Selfie

We were also given dive logs to record all of our info and all of the fish that we see.
If you are ever planning on diving in Koh Tao I would highly recommend Roctopus. It was a smooth course from start to finish. Our instructor Matt had years of experience which made me feel safe. He had so much patience! (I don’t think I could ever be a teacher). Our group also had a Dive Master Trainer on hand called Max, and upbeat, funny character from the Netherlands who was there to help us too. 

Liam & Max

The whole team are cool, fun, a good laugh and great people to develop and learn with. 

We are now qualified up to 18 metres and would definitely recommend an Open Water course to anyone! 

I can’t wait to dive in Koh Rong, Bali and wherever else we can on this travelling trip! 

LwL x 

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