A boat to Railay

On the last day of Krabi I decided to treat myself to a much needed girly day by and headed to Railay beach via a service boat from Ao Nang.



The boat took less than 10 minutes and then there I was, on the West of Railay Beach.

 In my original travel plan I was going to spend a night in Railay, but when I was in Bangkok I was advised to just spend a day there as there is not much to do.

I’m glad I listened. The place is lovely but I walked around the majority of the area in less than 2 hours, so there’s not an awful lot to do there. 

Here’s a map of my route:

I headed through Walking Street where I stopped for brunch and came across, you guessed it, some wild monkeys; they seem to be the common animals that you see out here


 Then on to Phra Nang Nai Cave, with some lovely scenery along the way  






I came out onto Railay East beach and it wasn’t too impressive to be honest as beaches go, though I’m pretty sure that’s because the tide was right out.



Can you see on the map where I attempted to go to Princess Lagoon? I was cut off by a mountain, apparently the brown dotted line is not an accessible route ha. 

I chilled, sunbathed a bit, met a lovely Danish man and woman and got bitten by a few more mozzies as I obviously don’t have enough bites already.

I then headed back on my return boat around 4pm and went for a lovely foot scrub.

It was a great day trip and some much needed alone time. I’m glad I decided to head there on a whim!

We’re now in Koh Samui until Christmas Eve, so I’ll be posting about the island over the next few days 

Any recommendations? 

LwL x 

4 thoughts on “A boat to Railay

  1. Cool pictures, makes me want to go back to Thailand! I visited Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan over the summer. If I have one recommendation, it would be to check out The Full Moon Party at Haad Rin Beach, Koh Pha Ngan. That is, if you haven’t already! Ill be following along in your upcoming adventures, have fun! 🙂

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