The Riviera Resort: Koh Lanta

This is the hotel we stayed in Koh lanta. I have to say, after 2 weeks of hostels and guest houses this was a bit of a treat!

Riviera is located in the north of Koh Lanta along Kong Khlong beach. As mentioned in my previous post we didn’t do much on this island, just spent most days in the hotel and here’s why..

  We stayed in small huts and credit to the designers I loved our purple feature wall!
And look, so much space for activities! (Yes we watched step brothers). We had a flat screen tv in our room! I almost forgot what one of these looked like as I feel like I’ve been away so much longer than two weeks. The TV was perfect for popping in our USB for group movie nights in. 

The swimming pool was big and had a waterfall  

The restaurant was amazing!   

A great big selection from French fries with cheese and peppercorn sauce, to a lovely chicken Chinese style noodles dish.   

Rivieras ‘Freedom bar’ was the best and busiest around, with potentially the most random selection of music genres compiled together each night. I think that’s what made it so appealing.

Did I mention that the beach was a 10 second walk from our room?   

You can sip ice tea by day overlooking the beach, and cocktails by night watching the sunset. Need you go anywhere else?  

The only thing the resort doesn’t have is a swing, but it’s ok, I found one of those further down the beach 😊

I’m not surprised that this was the priciest place we’ve stayed so far. Though I think it was worth the treat. Unfortunately I don’t have an exact figure how much it was as we booked as part of our month package, however, speaking to someone who stayed here, I think it’s from 800-1200 baht a night. 

Have you ever been to Koh Lanta before? 

LwL x 

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