Phi Phi Nightlife 

The nightlife in Phi Phi is great for such a small island. There are bars/clubs stretching out across the beach, and lots of fire shows. 

Further in and around the markets there are bars that do deals on buckets, free beer pong and good music.
I would recommend that you grab a bucket from the street stalls first to walk around with as they are a lot cheaper for travellers. You only need one or two to get super drunk as they empty a whole bottle of spirit into one! 

My favourite bar was Slimky, they played a great mix of music it was so much fun! 

I’m so glad we stayed an extra night. We done the first and third night out, and the second night we all stayed on and had a good sleep! 

Lucky we weren’t hungover as we Trekked to the Phi Phi viewpoint on our third morning.

It was such hard work but well worth it. I’ve only been here 2 weeks and I’m definitely a lot more unfit. Too much drink and sun.

Check out this view though! 


LwL x 

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