Koh Phi Phi: So many activities! 

On our second day in Koh Phi Phi we booked onto a sunset tour that started at 2pm to see the best of what’s around the island. So many activities! 

Our package included Monkey Island, cliff jumping, Maya Bay,  (where The Beach was filmed), lunch and free water, Snorkelling, Viking Cave, watchig the sunset on the boat, then hit a cave to see glowing plankton before getting back for 7.30pm.

I would 100% recommend this tour, you can get normal sunset tours for 350 or so baht but they don’t do cliff jumping or the plankton. We paid 500 baht our package. (About £10).

I’m going to show you our day in pictures 😊 

Monkey Island   
A baby monkey! Too cute..  
We met 2 lovely Ozzie girls too, April and Amelia. This monkey really wanted Aprils sunglasses..

   Monkey selfie..


Cliff jumping   

It went up to 15mtrs but I only jumped at 3 was too scared haha. All the boys went off the top though! 

Viking Caves

Apparently Chinese lease this protected area at 2 million baht per year! They make special soup out of bird nests that people pay lots of money for.



Maya Bay (The Beach)

After lunch we headed to the island where the famous Leonardo DiCaprio movie was filmed. Now just to warn you, to swim in this area of water and step foot on the island, you have to pay 400 baht.  

 The agencies don’t take it the Government do and it’s compulsory. If you don’t pay this you have to stay on the boat. Of course we paid and went on the island  



How amazing is this natural formation of this mountain.. Can you see the Elephant?

Sunset in the water 


After dark we went to a cave to see the glowing plankton. Unfortunately I couldn’t take any pictures as the flash ruins the glow.

Unfortunately, sunset on the boat in open water resulted in lots of pain for me.. The mozzies annialated me, so if you ever do a sunset tour, trust me DEET up!


I have at least 30, itchy times! I have now bought tiger balm and incense to keep them at bay and I’ve turns into a mozzie paranoid maniac. 

LwL x 

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