Good morning Koh Phi Phi

It was another  7am start for us I’m afraid. But it was ok because this guy was taking me to Koh Phi Phi, the place i’d been most looking forward to. A short bus ride and a 1 hour and 45 minute boat ride later..

    .. we touched down on the Phi Phi Pier

 Hello Heaven..


 We’ve had an amazing few days here. So much so that we stayed an extra night, so 3 nights in total. I’ll be posting about my time here over the next day or two as we’re in Koh Lanta now and the wifi is great.yayy. 

On our first day in Phi Phi, we came across a pool party on the way down the beach at the Princess and Charlie resort. It had an infinity pool and some great old tunes playing. Apparently they have pool parties there every Friday. With special guest djs between 1-8pm. I’d recommend it if your ever in Phi Phi on a Friday.

The tide had gone right out by the afternoon and left little pools of water with lots of fish and crabs. 


We then had a lovely meal on the beach in a place called Beacha Restaurant. 

 The food and setting was amazing! 

I even had a pancake dessert, it was more like a cake!    
 The only downside to the day is that i didn’t shut my waterproof camera properly after charging. All water has now got into the non-water compartment. Let’s hope my memory card works at least! I put them all in a packet of rice for the night but the camera is refusing to work. RIP camera. Now you can see why I overpack, lucky I bought 2 cameras with me aye! 
I arrived in Koh Lanta today and we have great wifi so I can post all about Phi Phi over the next couple of days 😊


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