A Fishing & Snorkelling trip to Racha Yai Island 

Today we went on a great day fishing trip from Phuket to Racha Yai Island and snorkelling in it’s lovely beach, Siam Bay. 

A minibus picked us up at 8am and we headed for the pier.. 

It was a lovely ride out to Racha Yai Island and some lovely scenery along the way.



 In the morning on the boat we did trolling (dragging fishing lines on the back of the boat).We caught lots of big tuna that we all ate for our lunch   

Check the face on this..   

  My family would be so proud, it only took me 23 years  to eat Tuna – I had to didn’t i, after catching it myself and all that.

All the boys caught their lunch too..

Just before lunch we went for a great snorkelling session at Siam Bay



We see lots of lovely colourful fish, and also a jellyfish that we swam away from because we got scared ha.We see it again later while on the boat..

   After lunch we spent the afternoon bottom fishing, and I had a little nap as the sun took it out of me! 



 It was a lovely day overall and now we’re spending our last night in Phuket chilling outside with some music at our guest house ‘Sweet Home’ early night for us as our bus picks us up for Koh Phi Phi tomorrow at 7am. I am so excited as Phi Phi is what ive been waiting for 😊

Any recommendations on what to do on this island? 

LwL x 

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