Patong in Phuket – Thailand

So we’re spending 4 nights and 4 1/2 days at Patong Beach, Phuket. 

It’s quite a main tourist town so everything is much more expensive here. By much more expensive I mean 3-4 pound for a meal instead of £1. So technically not expensive at all to the western world, just more expensive for a traveller.

Here’s the Phuket club/bar strip, its called Soi Bangla and it’s a lively place

We watched a Ping Pong Show the first night, to be honest I think it has scarred me slightly. It was definitely an ‘experience’. I would not recommend it to anyone at all as I think it highly derogatory to women. Watching women pull needles and real live turtles out of themselves is definitely not my idea of entertainment. No photos to show I’m afraid as you weren’t allowed.. I’d never have posted or took any anyway to be fair!

The sunset here is beautiful and the beach is lovely 

 We’ve had a couple of beach days as our first week was jam packed. Keep an eye out for my recommendation posts.

We’re off on a snorkelling and fishing trip tomorrow, I hope I can catch something!

LwL x 


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