The famous overnight train to Phuket

After a day at the Erawan Waterfalls and some lunch, we embarked on a 2 hour journey to Nakom Tharam train station to get the 20.59 train to Surat Thani. As we arrived there around 5pm we decided to kill a couple of hours touring the local area. I’m so glad we did. We came across a beautiful temple, a huge Thai Market and amazing duck and sticky rice leaf pads for dinner.
 The food was only 15 baht! Much cheaper here than Bangkok, as expected as its not a tourist district. 

I got 2 of them because I’m greedy šŸ˜Š .one for later on the train of course, it is a 10 hour ride after all. 

To be honest I had low expectations of the overnight train, but it was much much better than I thought it was!

 A comfortable bed with a pillow and a new blanket in a wrapper. Air con, a curtain to block everything out one side and your own window to enjoy the view on the other (with another curtain to block our sunlight). I had a great night sleep! 
The toilet had tissue in it and there was a communal sink to wash and brush your teeth in. To be honest it was just like being in a dorm, the only thing missing was a shower but we assumed this would be the case with that many people sleeping on each carriage. 

The journey was smooth on most parts and I think the subtle movement actually helped me to sleep. Winning. If only they did one of these forms of transport from London to other countries. I’d take it over a 7+ hour plane journey any day! 
Finally arriving at 7.06am, we were ready for our bus to Phuket town and then another bus to Patong. Bit of a mission yes but definitely another experience. 
This is my 2nd day in Patong. It has a busy nightlife and is deemed the ‘Ibiza’ of Thailand. This is completely correct, that’s what it reminds me of but cheaper. (Though still dearer than other places in Thailand). The beach is also a lot nicer!

I’ll keep you updated and post some beach pics over the coming days.
LwL x 

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