Don’t go chasing waterfalls..

..unless they’re the Erawan Waterfalls, they are worth chasing. 

So I expected to be taken to one waterfall, have a little swim, take a few selfies etc. 
It actually turns out that Erawan is a National Park. Consisting of about 8 waterfalls and an extremely long walk up the mountain of rocks, steps and branches to reach the waterfall at ‘level 7’. 

 Whoever told me you put on weight travelling, are you sure? I’ve hiked about 18 miles in the last 2 days ha.

Not that I’m complaining we had the most amazing day and so much fun. If you ever go here please do not miss Level 3, it’s the last waterfall we went to and we almost missed it as you have to go off trail. Absolutely stunning check this out 

And here’s some of my favourite snaps of the experience 


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