Kanchanaburi: Tiger Temples 

The Tiger temples were really cool, although it was completely different to what I expected. I literally thought it was a temple with some tigers in (yes feel free to laugh or point me out for my ignorance). The Tiger Temple more like a zoo of lots of different wild animals to see, not just tigers (and there isn’t any temples).  
There were monkeys, Buffaloes, birds and warthogs. There are even wild deer walking round that you can feed leaves and berries to. 

I had a few pictures with the Tigers but most of them were sleeping. It was very hot and they were out in the sun all day. I don’t know how I’d cope if humans had fur, I get hot enough as it is! 

To finish the day trip we went to a small waterfall close to Kitti Raft, the floating hut we stayed in for two nights. (I’m going to post about this place as I would highly recommend). 

Here are a few pictures of us at the waterfall..

Does anyone know the name of this waterfall in Kanchanburi? (It’s not the Erawani Waterfalls as we went there the next day) 
LwL x


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