Bangkok Sightseeing: Temples & Tuk Tuks

To be honest I’ve heard from many that you only need 2 nights in Bangkok. Today is my 2nd full day here after 2 nights and I agree. I am staying here another night with my friends as we will now be doing the month together, but here’s what we got up to yesterday..

After breakfast, a nice Canadian man in the travel shop told us to head to the Gold Mount for some sightseeing. It was already 12pm and we decided to save the floating markets until we head to Kachanaburi. 

Off we went, following the given directions and stumbled upon this beautiful temple on route.


The detail that goes into these are nothing short of amazing. The place is so peaceful. Apparently the Princess visited yesterday too! 

We learnt that this week is the Kings Birthday so there are lots of festivals/celebrations happening around Bangkok.

Unfortunately I wasn’t prepared or covered up for the temple as I wasn’t expecting to go there. Thankfully the very nice man at the front provided me with some coverage (which is why in some pics I have serious pattern colour clash). Like here..


I can see a storm brewing in those clouds..

   We made a wish.. 

 On our exit, the Temple host gave us lots of information on where to go and what to do for the day. He was so helpful that he even flagged down a government registered tuk tuk for us to take us around. 

5 of us squeezed in.. The journeys werent comfortable but they were definitely lots of fun.



 The first stop was the Giant Buddha which I’ll write about in my next post šŸ˜Š

LwL x 

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