Travel packing: carry on luggage

Ok so here’s a post I wrote a few days back, and thought I posted when I was on the way to the airport, however it was left in my drafts. My bad. So here it is a few days late but hopefully it’ll help some of my fellow travellers out.

So you’ve all seen what I attempted to squeeze into my big backpack from my packing tests. In the end I decided to ditch another packing cube and go for 2 vacuum bags as it seemed easier. 

Now here is my carry on luggage for the airport:   

Here’s what was inside for my 11 hour flight:

Super important stuff 

1. Orange folder of V.I.P documents including hotel and flight confirmation, extra passport photos, vaccination, insurance and medication records, 2x photocopies of my passport.

2. Secret travel pouch containing Thai baht, dollars, my passport and 3 debit/credit cards

3. Card reader: for easy moving of money between accounts. (Nationwide has free foreign transaction so I would highly recommend them) 

4. All important medication that you can’t afford to lose if your luggage goes missing 

Health & Hygiene

1. Face wipes: because planes are full of disease and makes me feel dirty, so these are to freshen up upon landing 

2. Throat lozenges: to immunise me from all the coughing and spluttering on the plane and to also suck on when my ears hurt so much that I feel like my head will explode because of the pressure 

3. Neurofen: headaches are not enjoyable

4. Toothbrush: after hours of travel, plane food and ‘morningbreath, this is a must. You won’t make any friends on your travels if your breath smells.

5. Collapsible bottle: fill this up when you’re through customs so you don’t have to wait for someone to come around with a trolley to stay hydrated. You also save on paying extortionate prices for a basic necessity

6. Bronzer: because I don’t want to scare people when I get off the plane, and I don’t have a tan yet

7. Hairbrush: to tame the wild mane 


The famous ‘under 100ml plastic airport bag’ liquids 

Left to right: Perfume, mosquito spray with 50% DEET, anti-bac hand gel, mascara, concealer, paw-paw ointment (aka magic cream), factor 30 (to apply when wait for my case), chap stick, toothpaste, roll on deodorant 

Entertainment and/or valuables

1. Selfie stick: aeroplane & airport selfies obvs 

2. Sunglasses & normal glasses

3. Underwater camera and memory cards in case

4. iPod and headphones: music and films yay

5. Rechargeable battery: because Apple batteries are shite 

6. Cables to charge them

So here’s my carry on – what are your carry on necessities? 

LwL x 

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