The roads of Bangkok

After what feels like a day travelling (well it pretty much is when you add the +7 hours time zone) we finally arrived in Koh San Road – home for the next few days. 
As I travelled with 4 of my friends from London we decided to get a minibus to our destination, Sawasdee House. We prebooked the hostel for £10 per night (for 2 people). Unfortunately I had to pay double as there is only one of me, but hey it’s still cheap. I am here for 2 nights.

The journey from Suvarnabhumi airport took 90 minutes. Everyone told me that this would be a culture shock, and I get what they mean, but I love the crazy buzz. 

   I can’t say I’m a fan of how cars play chicken on the road though. Red lights don’t seem to mean much here! I think it’s just a tactic of who can get through cars the quickest. There are soooo many people driving motorbikes, and I can understand why as the traffic is insane and you would never get anywhere otherwise! 
There’s not many zebra crossings either. You play with your life each time you cross but I guess that’s part of the fun! I had an amazing first night here and I’ll post about Koh San road and put up some pics soon 



3 thoughts on “The roads of Bangkok

  1. Welcome to Bangkok 🙂 Any questions, let me know.
    By the way, there are big events you may want to check out at BTS Prompong area. One is Bangkok Illumination exhibition and another on is Artbox Market. Cool stuff to see how wide range of things Bangkok has to offer!

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