Poached eggs: A mastered art

How to make the perfect Poached egg in 5 easy steps. 
Have you ever realised how hard it is to poach an egg in a pan? Absolute nightmare. They either end up cracked or come out looking like Mr Tickles. 
I have been let in on a very useful secret that I’m going to share because I’m super nice.. and instruct you on how to cook the perfect poached eggs. 

1. Boil water in a saucepan

2. Use a pin to prick the top of the egg to make a tiny hole. 

3.Throw the egg into the water for 20 seconds and then take it out again using a tea spoon

This makes the egg slightly less liquidy, making it easier to drop in later and much less likely to end up separating in the saucepan. 

4. Add a few splashes of white vinegar into the boiling water and spin the water with a fork

5. While the water is still spinning, hatch the egg and drop it in. 

This takes some skill as you have to be careful but fast. 

The vinegar keeps the egg together. After a few minutes you have the perfect yolky poached egg.

Add some avocado and some toast and you’ve got yourself a superstar breakfast!

LwL x 


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