Travel Prep: Insurance & anti-malarias

‘Travelling is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer’ I bloody hope so. My travelling trip has cost me nearly £1000 so far and I haven’t even arrived yet!
I’ve done a bit of research over the past week Insurance & malaria prevention tablets. Here are two of the cheapest things I’ve found and decided to go with in the market (if you have found something cheaper feel very free to correct me).

Because of the internet, these days there are so many options available that sometimes you get so
I found this a lot with searching for backpacker insurance.

Backpacker insurance is very different to your average holiday insurance so do NOT get normal insurance and expect to be covered for a long term trip.
The easiest way to see what’s out there is to use Compare the Market / moneysupermarket or a similar price comparison site. These give you fast results from registered companies and everything to look at is on one page which just makes life a lot easier. Winning.
Note: Do not choose the first and cheapest one you see! Delve deeper into what is covered and compare it against what you will need. E.g. if you are taking £2000 worth of valuables do not get a package that only covers £300 of missing luggage. You get my drift, common sense is the key to life, who knew?

Secondly, declare any long term illnesses/tablets etc. I’m not going to lie I used to avoid putting this down because I thought that my insurance would sky rocket. But being honest only cost me an extra £30 and now I know that if anything happens to me I am fully covered. (If you lie about your condition your insurance is void anyway so you’re just wasting money).

In the end I decided to go with insureandgo. I found these cheap, easy and trustworthy as I actually use these for my yearly holiday insurance anyway. They send you an insurance card to carry around while travelling which makes life a lot easier. Backpacker insurance for 4 months with them is around £120

Apparently Doxycycline are one of the cheapest anti malarias you can get and most popular among travellers. However, a lot of my friends travelling at the moment have said that they have had lots of side effects, mainly nausea so have stopped taking them. I can’t actually take doxycycline as they clash with the medication I take for my arthritis, though I thought I’d make you all aware of this.
After researching various websites including NHS travel, fitfortravel, knowmalaria and a few others. (I’m a bit OTT with research on this stuff). I’ve decided to go with Malarone aka Atovaquone-proguanil.

I researched every country I’m visiting on – this site is really useful as you can type in your countries and it tells you which tablets the mosquitoes have become resistant to.
Atovaquone-proguanil is around £2 per pill on the majority of websites. You have to take tablets 2 days before you travel and 7 days after. I had to buy 129, so you can imagine that I wasn’t too impressed with paying £258 for some anti-malarias that I might not even take if they make me sick.. Luckily I found nomadtravel. The tablets were half the price! The website is so useful for travellers, they have great customer service, good advice and super fast free delivery. I would highly recommend these guys.

Next week im going to post tips on how I saved for  travelling.
I hope this helps, if you have any further advice/info feel free to comment below

LwL x

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