Lunch: Chicken & Egg Salad

One of the main downsides of working in the city or the West End of London is definitely the extortionate food prices. I mean £6 for a salad really? Don’t get me wrong it is all about quality and freshness, but for a few green leaves and some special healthy beans it’s a bit ridiculous.

I try to prep lunches the night before sometimes to save the pennies, here’s one I made for today..

Chicken and egg saladIMG_4176.JPG

1 x Chicken breast
Seasoning of your choice
Spinach leaves
Cherry tomatoes
2 eggs

Time it takes: 15-20 minutes

1. Wash the spinach leaves and leave to drain in a sieve/drainer
2. Whack out a frying pan or wok, throw in some olive oil and let it preheat
3. Fill a saucepan with water, to the depth of an egg, take to medium/high heat

While you wait..
– Cut the chicken into strips and sprinkle seasoning of your choice along the top (I like to use Aromat as its super tasty and cheap as chips)
– Throw the strips in the pan sprinkle face down, then sprinkle seasoning on the other side. Leave on a low heat to cook.

Once the saucepan water is boiling, throw in two eggs and leave for 4 minutes


– Check on the chicken and flip the pieces over

Mini challenge:
This is where your super fast chopping skills come into play, see if you can chop the avocado and cherry tomatoes within 3-4 minutes.

Ready, steady, go!

When you’ve finished, take the eggs from the pan using a tea spoon and leave on a tissue to cool down and drain off

Check the chicken. Take a piece out and cut it open, if the strips are thick the chicken will take longer to cook. Make sure the chicken is white through and through. Salmonella is not your friend.


When the eggs are cool peel off the outer shell and cut the eggs in half.

Throw all the bits together in an air tight container. Once cool, leave in the fridge overnight.

Voila! The next day you have a super healthy salad for lunch and you’ve saved £6.

If you cant be bothered to do this every night, double or triple up the ingredients and make 3 days of lunches all at once. Winning.

LwL x

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